Sunday, July 19, 2015

TDS: Trump Derangement Syndrome

 the elite hated Theodore Roosevelt too

As another Lame Cherry in matter anti matter.

I noticed that today Bill Krystol and the Wall Street Journal joined the Huffington Post in refusing to support Donald Trump.

This is the same WSJ which is owned by Rupert elect Obama Murdoch in the For Obama Xtra network, and who really cares what Bill Krystol supports or not in this insider for the elite.

All of this reminds me of Brent Bozell's boys over at Newsbusters, about the same time Noel Shepperd tried to bitch slap me for speaking the facts, in which that propaganda wing, smeared Conservatives like John McCain did, "the crazies", that there was ODS, or Obama Derangement Syndrome. Yes this from a right wing publication, in we were all supposed to just jump into the Obama abyss like Jeb Bush said, and be rationed sodomy and death.

The one thing I am certain of in Donald Trump is if every one of these treacherous fiends who have betrayed the trust of Americans, as the Obama pimps gang rape the American psyche, that their playing Electronic Cassius in stabbing Caesar Trump in the back.......then Donald Trump is for America, for Americans, and the one person in this political fray who is not a goddamned stooge of the very traitors who have murdered America in the most heinous way.

Ask yourself something in this, literally and unemotionally. If Donald Trump as Lucianne Goldberg's posse keeps posting non stop that Donald Trump's campaign is over, is not real, is a whim........then why are all of these powerful, connected, intelligent people so concerned about him?
Why discuss Trump? And yet they can not help acting deranged in being obsessed with this billionaire.

All of that is a proof that Donald Trump is different from everyone else in an American way. For those who have a search engine like DUCKDUCKGO, as I waved sodomite Google adios, you will find that Barry Goldwater was crucified like Donald Trump is, and you will find that Richard Nixon was crucified like Donald Trump is, and you will find that Ronald Reagan was crucified like Donald Trump is.
The three men who founded the greatest expansion, the greatest peace, the greatest prosperity for Americans, were ridiculed, attacked, slandered, berated and assaulted........hell Nixon they staged a coup against called Watergate and Reagan they shot and initiated Iran Contra against him......and a coup by Howard Baker for George H. W. Bush.

So in that, the Murdoch WSJ which helped install the fraud Birther Hussein, just threatened all right wing media that it will regret standing up for the rights of Donald Trump to be in the GOP, run for President, and say things that real Americans say every day because they are the Truth.

In all of that propaganda and fury about Donald  Trump, I would state that he is exactly the man for moment and the long term. Check sometime, and you will find that Donald Trump is an author of many books. You know of his business accomplishments and his abilities to deal with everyone from the New York mob, unions, latino workers, laborers, financiers and the elite.

After Scott Walker betrayed Americans over Obamatrade, I refrained from backing anyone for the GOP. I only have a mission to stop that shadowman Jebpanzee Bush. What I state now is what this is about for the Lame Cherry.

The Lame Cherry sees Donald Trump at the Alamo.  He is surrounded, against all odds, and at this moment in history, this blog like Davy Crockett is going to join Donald Trump so he can speak in First Amendment Rights, so he can be a Republican, so he can run for President, so he can be an American. You strike one American and the elite cuts down all Americans. That is why I am going to bury these frauds in debate making collaborator John McCain into a war hero which spits on every POW ever who was tortured and then gave information, and going to repeat that Donald Trump is the real POW of this election in a political prisoner of the thugs of  the GOP, the Grande Olde Prison.

Political Assassination is not going to be condoned at the Grassy Knoll in Dallas nor the asphalt streets of foreign owned Wall Street Journal billionaire propaganda pavements. Nor is it going to stand in what the matrix says is the assassination of Donald Trump in March of next year in using a Mexican scapegoat, as all of this electronic lynching did not stop Mr. Trump.

There has not been a real political force for America like Donald Trump, since the days that the GOP establishment smeared and stoked up a lunatic in Wisconsin to shoot Theodore Roosevelt running as a Bull Moose Candidate.
Donald Trump and Theodore Roosevelt have a mirror image political ideology. Both are progressives, protectionist of workers rights, for prospering Americans and for the big stick in protecting Americans, and making assaults and wars pay for America, instead of bankrupting these United States, as these other treacherous traitors have inflicted upon all Americans.

At this moment, Donald Trump is the best America has in politics. Americans have rejected and groaned over these 500 other candidates. Thee only creatures infuriated over Donald Trump, are the treasonists who are looking for an Obama 3rd term to be carried out by Jeb and Hillary.

That is the one thing in this Trump Derangement Syndrome which is echoing more clear from the insane asylum of the elite, and that is AMERICANS CAN BE CERTAIN THAT WITH DONALD TRUMP, THERE IS NOT GOING TO EVER BE AN OBAMA 3RD TERM.

That is what matters in the future, and what matters in the present is stopping Jeb Bush first and then Hillary Clinton. Those are the objectives, and if Donald Trump is the only horse to ride, then ride him, and put the spur to him later to get into cabinet positions your chooseling to make you trust in politics for another let down.

I will not regret standing up for Donald Trump's rights as an American. I do regret ever looking to the Wall Street Journal, and from this point on, will not associate with that pravda rag again of censorship and political assassination.

Nuff said