Wednesday, July 29, 2015

That Master Race

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have no hope for the American corpse and believe now she has met the end all whores deserve. The reason for this is that damned Zimbabwe lion, Cecil, and the reactions from it valuing a murderous animal over humans, and by what occurred on ABC television in Jimmy Kimmel crying over this.
Between him and Bawl Baby Boehner, there is no remedy for the American people as these are the majority of effeminates who term themselves males in America, now manned by these Muchelle Obama Val-erie Jarrett shemales.

Jimmy Kimmel cries over Cecil the Lion during late-night ...

Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show monologue veered into serious territory Tuesday night when the comedian skewered Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer for ...

America is no longer a race, but a freak genetic mutation which is a threat to all humanity.

I recall the words of Albert Speer, chief architect of the German 1000 year Reich, in his repeating the harsh assessment by Adolf Hitler of the German people, that is the Germans could not dig down and stop the Russians, then the reality was that the Germans did not deserve to survive as a race.
This assessment was judged harsh by myself, but upon reassessment of the Wimpy Kimmel tearfest over a predator, I now conclude that the best remedy was that Joseph Stalin unleashed on the German people, while Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower stood by, in the mass rape of the east German women, impregnating them with a mongrel race of Russian German offspring. Angela Merkel being a fine example of cut throat bitch of this genus of her race.
If Germans could not survive, then the best remedy for them, was to gang rape that race, and create a superior species which could survive.

In that, looking with disgust at Jimmy the wimp Kimmel, I can as a woman, assess one thing, and that is I would be nauseated if I was his mother in knowing that effeminate came out from between my legs. I believe I would at this moment, have gotten a gallon of Jim Beam, and doused my inner parts with this disinfectant, in the hope it would purge the lingering effects of having birthed a mutant which was the destruction of the human race.

The world of the 19th century often assessed races by their effeminate nature. The Italian which Kimmel is a product of, was deemed worthless as a fighting man. Their macaroni which were homosexuals  were the ass bend overs for English faggory.
The Roman rapists of the Legions had been replaced by survivors like Jimmy the wimp Kimmel, and were easy victims from more manly races as the English, French and Russian.

Killing off of the most able males in war, does leave a Kimmel type of male, now compounded by high doses of soy milk which turns little boys into faggots. Kimmel and his consorts must be still drinking it by the gallon. America, France and England suffered this fate, and it seems only the Asian races have a modicum of manhood about them.

For that reason, as we all are transfixed by the vanishing American male in the Donald Trump type, I conclude from the cheering whores of the Kimmel left in these shemales, that the only salvation for America is for Vladimir Putin to bitch slap this effeminate Kimmel and his Russian hordes to invade and gang rape their way across both the east and west coasts, impregnating a race of aggressive males, who in a few years like Davy Crockett killing a bear when he was only three, be cutting the throats of these girly Kimmel surrogate fathers left to change their diapers as the real Russian males rule over the American corpse.

This is not racist in the least, as if the Chinese could mount an effective invasion force, their raping hordes would suffice as well to bayonet all these Kimmel effeminates and shove their cocks into the cunts of these Kimmel shemales to put them on a leash and fulfill their duty as women.

'They raped every German female from eight to 80' | Books ...

Altogether at least two million German women are thought to have been raped, ... "threw himself with flailing fists at a Russian who was raping his mother in front of ...

I had a friend whose grandmother was gang raped by Russians in World War II. This German woman was cold as ice, and conned a dumb ass American GI into screwing her, and stuck him with the Russian baby. My friend was a cold, manipulative and heartless bitch. She abandoned her husband and children to go off and do her thing. She looked like a Russian and was a survivor in burning the candle at both ends in doing dope and being a cock depository. She though was the exact infusion of maleness and feminine virtue which would benefit this race of degenerates who are Americans in the Obama 21st century.

For those who think the Lame Cherry has gone too far in this conclusion and remedy, you are the same dumb daughters and sons of bitches who weep for a murderous lion, who already have your people gang raped by Mexicans and none of you stand up to stop it. You jabber at each other like chickens in the coup with a fox ripping your guts out.
I have a friend on Facebook who mentioned she killed a fox that has murdered her chickens, and all these degenerates commented about pity for the fox. You are sick and pathetic people Americans, and only a gang rape and mass impregnation by a dominant foreign invader is going to save you as a people, as Donald Trump can not marry the whole damn female population and impregnate them.

The Lame Cherry is not the advocate of this national rape, but Jimmy the wimp Kimmel is. The entire world of males watches the bawling twats, and the male stirs inside of them the message that there is a people who are a prey, just waiting to be slaughtered and have all their nice things taken from them, which came from an American people now exterminated who enjoyed slaughtering animals and Indians as feats of manhood.

The invasion of America is come. It begins with these Mexican rapists and will end with a dominant race who will breach the open walls of the Pacific and Atlantic, and smash in the skulls of the Jimmy Kimmel whiners who are on their knees bawling and pleading for mercy, as these invaders next bayonet the out of the womb abortion candidates and then they will set about the task of raping American coastal cunts raw with the stench of a new race.

That is what the master race accomplishes. Americans for a brief period were a master race. Now they are minority marginalized and cartel castrated. The few American males like Donald Trump can not save a race, so therefore the days journey forward to an attack, an invasion and a serial impregnation by rape of a horde of Asian peoples.

That people will not be intimidated by Mexican hordes, but drive them out as they roast their livers over the fires kindled by the Mexican women now dripping with Russomerican sperm.

You are dead America, and the execution style is only a matter of time. Prepare your whore cunts for the cocks of an invader who does not cry over dead lions, but instead skins them out and has sex on that rug before blazing fires.

Cry for that goddamned Cecil now you left wing fucking trash, as you spread your inferior race and now expect the only outcome which nature dictates in national gang rape by a conquering superior race.

nuff said.