Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Pansy Patriot

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to Mark Levin on his radio program, as I was doing something real Americans are now engaged in, in working for nothing, but doing something that had to be done, as it was my responsibilty.......a something I started the day with at 6 AM as the calves were out, and I was doing that yesterday after my jackass neighbor kid blew the horn at a calf that was out and chased it into the neighbor's jungle Monsanto corn.
See just like in the Ohio country, real Americans in 1776 had things to do, while the sunshine patriots bitched about all the things which were wrong with King George.

Mark Levin was  busy roughing up Mitch McConnell, John Kasich, John Boehner and the Bushites for the colorization of the place he chose to reside, in Virginia. Yes all those Latins, Muslim Asians and Middle Eastern burkha babes are all his new neighbors while he watches them from his rich man's table in the mall bitching about it all that his Republican Virginia is now been flipped to mob rule democrat.

I listen to Mark Levin, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, Sean Hannity, you know the boys in the closet for sodomy, and their fill in hosts who are just as anal about all these things, as they are paid to mind you like Jesse Jackson minded the Afroids from revolution, and it is time these cowards be outed for the Pansy Patriot they are.

Yes you hear Rush Limbaugh asking where is the civil disobedience and the outrage of all of these Americans, but that is the key in this, the Pansy Patriot expects you to die for the America they rule you from.

I watch this often enough on Facebook in these keyboard pansies, all masquerading as Patriots, but are just Pansies. I marvel how a little bit of "do not donate to the Lame Cherry if you are not rich" amazingly turns into half million dollar homes with new swimming pools worth a hundred thousand or around the world jet trips for their pre teen daughters, to the bitching that "no one bothers to reply when I post things".
Hey, the reason people do not follow you, respond to what yout post, is you are a bully beating people over the head with "revelations" which you plagiarized from people who puked that vomit up years ago.
None of these dumb political bastards give a shit about America, give a thought about others, or CARE about what someone else is suffering through. It is all about I, ME and MY, and if these sufferers from patriot psychosis can not have the spotlight by beating the hell out people so these petty tyrants can bask in the once again you die for their glory.

Mark Levin does not give one heartbeat for America or Americans, if he did, he would be like George Washington, Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale, and they real Americans who pledged their lives, their families and their fortunes for America, as they advocated taking up arms.

When was the last time you saw Rush Limbaugh funding a militia, and arming it? How about Mark Levin voicing armed resistance from Americans, with Levin carrying the first assault rifle in taking back his "loved" Virginia? Where is Sean Hannity organizing this Irish kindred to an IRA in America as the Irish Revolutionaries of America? You do not hear that, as just like the swimming poolers, jet setters and keyboard glory whores, they are not about to endanger their lives, their families and their fortunes, as they do not love Americans or America enough to be True Patriot of 1776 and put it all on the line.

All they want to do is pull the dead Reagan corpse around a few times, roll in the stench, hole at the people, and then go back to their plush lives to eat steak, as millions of Americans starve.

Donald Trump is standing up and teaching Americans to fight back, but he can not do this alone. It is going to take those who sold their souls and Americans out to the cartel in minding them, to put into reality the  love for America, as Barry Goldwater once said, that there was not such a thing as extremism in the defense of America.

It is going to take that. Real people put on terror lists as Thomas Paine was. Real Lame Cherry's who have rise, as the rest of these self worshiping frauds will do none of this work.

Is the regime going to throw the fat boys, Limbaugh, Levin and Hannity into prison for arming themselves and others in their million dollar payrolls? Hell no, and you know they would not, as they are not Andrew Breitbart taking a step too far in threatening to bring down the Obama regime.
Until you witness that tallow ladled Mark Levin, lubing up an assault rifle and raising a Virginia militia, all he is, is a Pansy Patriot, a coward and a Judas Goat to the Obama police state who is too damned coward to take a stand for America and Americans.

Any preacher can stand up and get beat to death by British military. Any mob can get shot down in Boston. It takes though the rich to do more than bitch. They have the money, and they have the name, to organize a resistance to bring down a regime.
Look at what they did to Andrew Breitbart, and ever one of these Pansy Patriots could not profit from his murder fast enough in covering up that crime to silence him. Not one of these cowards pounded this issue, made it an issue, brought up why in the hell it was Andrew Breitbart was assassinated, and why was it about information on what really happened to Sheik bin Laden, how that event tied into Donald Trump and Jerome Corsi's birther facts, and how that all would bring down the Obama regime.

Pansy Patriots, that is what is the problem. It is not the frauds in the GOP named Bush or the frauds in the democratic party named Clinton. It is the Pansy Patriot, rolling in dough, getting heart attack fat, as they protect every thing which matters to them and betray America, Americans and the American Way.

Nuff said.