Saturday, July 18, 2015

The American Exorcism


The Virgin Mary is not the Queen of Heaven 
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There has been featured as of late a Drudge headline and discussion of an American Exorcism, as the one performed in Mexico by Catholic priests.

I will address this in the reality it deserves.

Jesus nor the Apostles never performed and exorcism. An exorcism is a Catholic rite. The Disciples failed to cast out demons due to lack of Faith and Fasting, but demons were always cast out with a command by Jesus and the Apostles.

America is a demonic nation, in demonic control, and has in the White House a jinn impersonating the Barack Hussein Obama usurper who.......was a blasphemy in allowing hisself to be called a messiah.
This is what takes place when God is thrown out of a nation and it is handed over to satan, the adversary of God.

The Bible teaches by Christ Himself, that when a demon is cast out of a person, it seeks out the dry places to rest. It then gather's itself to explore the soul of the person it was cast out from. Jesus says the demon finds the soul garnished, as in it is not filled with Christ or the Word of God, so the person has not become a Spiritual child, but is still the same vacuous person waiting to be filled as the physical world which they adorn themselves can not fill them.
The cast out demon then takes several worse demons to possess that person, and the last state of that person is worse than when they were freed from demons. In reality, lost souls degrade to worse states and more demons in control mean more power to resist the person and whoever might come along with rites to try and exorcise them.

With the Pater Pope in power at the Vatican, saying people do not need Jesus to be Redeemed, and that sodomy is a sin without penalty, and these priests part of a rite which takes on sins, ridding the place of Christ, I do not see how the sham of satan casting out satan stands. This was the game the Pater performed in his first "miracle" in casting out a demon. All the Pater Pope weds himself to is the world, world power and sin.........that does not fit Christian, so in observing the fruit this Pater is bearing, it is a conclusion he can not be of God in the least.

As for America, a nation of Jesuit bondage and cartel intrigue, with a jinn in the White House, what good would it accomplish to have the appearance of throwing out some demons, with this mob of sodomites spreading their ass cheeks faster to summon the dark forces back in? One can cast out demons, but when the majority is bowing to idol Obama, worshiping the beast of the regime, and chanting all the words of the false prophet in a reflection of 666 in Revelation, that kind of blatant sin has no remedy, but Judgment.

This is not to say that Christians should not fight back in the Name of Jesus the Christ, but real Christians are already having a war of it in all the death, attacks and assaults upon them, so they require no counsel to do more as they are already pinned down.

Jesus drove out the oracles to silence in this world, but the are back............just as Christians who settled America brought in Christ and Christ stopped the storms and gave crops. The storms are back and the crops are depleted, as are all the good things, because Jesus and the Holy Angels were cast out, and satan with it's children took control.

The Catholic rites are all dogma and semantics. They have "minor" exorcisms they say at Baptism and Confirmation. That is not Christ teaching in the least. Then they have the major exorcisms which the bishop who has authority to do............That is a lie, as Jesus has all Authority and EVERY CHRISTIAN in Jesus Name has that Authority to cast out demons, not just Vatican appointees in hours of vain repetitions.

America should have a national Christian Faithful command in Christ to cast out the demons from 1600 Penn Avenue, and plead the Father in Heaven to send Jesus back to take full command of America. What though is left in America is the refuse of those who bow to satan and worship idol Obama in the acts of aborticide and sodomy. That kind of filth has only one remedy and that is death. God secured those remedies on His people long ago by Babylonian and Assyrian armies slaughtering 9 out of 10 of the people, as the sinners were culled.

A few priests who are moral are not going to undo a Vatican rule which should cast out it's luciferianism and remove their current Pater Pope for violating the Laws of God as a false teacher.

America requires Judgment as the people will not mass repent, as they have had many opportunities, but each time chose worse degradation.........9 11 had Americans choose a false messiah in Obama and they have not repented of that evil. No exorcism is going to clean up this sodom shit hole, as it is going to be full of shit as soon as the toilet flushes.

Judgment from God is the only solution now. The clergy is fraud and Godless as the people. America is not a Godly Nation, but a satanic people of national institutionalized sin.

There is no cure for death, but the grave. The demons are in control and the people are empowering the demons even more, as they attack the remnant of the Faithful Few of Christ.

Nuff said