Friday, July 17, 2015

The Assassination of Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was moved to inquire of the matrix some events which are connecting, and began a search for a horizon point, and this is what the chatter is manifesting.

The "escape" of Mexican dope lord, Joaquin Guzman Loera, was not by accident. There is a protocol generating as  failsafe to install the candidate of the elite's choice in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, and to neutralize Donald Trump when necessary.

What is generating is this.

The matrix points to a 90% probability that Donald Trump will be assassinated during the early Republican primary process. The location is Galveston, Texas. The shooter will be a Mexican, armed with a 30 cal x 39 mm rifle in the AK 47 class. It has no folding stock nor pistol grip. It will be from 25 feet.

The scapegoat will be this Jack in the Mex who was released for this situation. Jack has no idea of this as the condition of his release. He is the Oswald of the era.

Call it the Corporate of Commerce who is behind this. The Lindsey Williams insiders. Not Obama, not Bush, not Hillary, but those who do the pick and install of these puppets.

The twist in this is that the kill shot comes as that of Bobby Kennedy. There is a shooter 50 yards and above, behind Donald Trump. Same rifle caliber, but not rifle...will be a bolt action Remington, silencer.......kill shot in the heart.
The Mexican shooter does not leave the site alive either.

Shooter is Army trained sniper.

I have stated that it must be understood as voiced to the elite, that a revolution will break out if anything happens to Mr. Trump in order to check the cartel in this. This must be understood in they have already factored this out, and they conclude that facing you in a revolution to be put down is less threat to them, than the problem Donald Trump will cost them.
So that is the Catch 22. They know the costs and deem it acceptable no matter what you do.

It is always crunch time when measures like this take place. The ping pong balls on the mouse trap maze, chaos then order.

I make the information available in the hope of diverting the effect from the cause.

The joke around town is that I freed El Chapo from the Mexican prison because the timing was so good w/ my statements on border security.

No joke in someone of more power than Donald Trump began the process of an end game.