Thursday, July 16, 2015

The About Face of the Gay Olde Party


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have much better things to do than deal with the slime world of political consultants, nor do I care when Breitbart and other right wing media, target a Liz Mair, for having a keyboard she can not control with her fingers for dissing Iowa after being hired on by the flailing Scott Walker campaign.

I only post this as the reality of Michelle Malkin appears to dislike Walker, and as Ms. Malkin is a paid for corporatist mouth, it means that those who employ her, are looking to dislodge the voting shares Walker has for someone else.........and I would bet it is not Donald Trump.

What captured my attention were the Twitter rants by Liz Mair, after she was fired by Walker over this mess. I confess I do not tweet and view it as a waste of time.......and after reading the Tweets, I honestly am correct in morons Tweet in some sort of forensic psychological masturbation of grazing their nipples as they are working.

Liz Mair's Tweet:

There are very few people I "hate." As a Christian (albeit a perhaps unconventional one), I make a point of not "hating."

I was wondering what an unconventional Christian was and is? There is no mention of this in the Bible, so is a conventional Christian one who follows the Bible and an uncoventional one sort of makes it up to suit their deceived prejudices by satan?

I wonder about this as this popped up in the search:

Cheney family feud reflects GOP division on marriage ...

Liz Mair, a Republican political strategist who favors LGBT inclusion in the GOP, ... In 2004, John Aravosis, a gay political activist, ...

That is probably part of the unconventional thing Mair was tweeting about. Sort of like that American thing in giving amnesty to all these criminal invaders imported by Obama image and employed by the Boehner Chamber of Commerce.

I realize that this is all months old, but it is the foundation of thee entire problem Americans have with the GOP, and why the GOP was whipped under HW Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney in having elections stolen in some form. These political minders are proven incompetent.
Apparently this Liz Mair leans toward a psychology of texting, and not writing something coherent.
In her texting though, she accuses the GOP of being full of frauds, but her fraud somehow misses her in the reflection of her smart phone.

Mair reminds me a great deal of the talking vulva, AKA, Megs McCain.........then again all of these skirts are like the Bush twins in being liberals at heart, and at heart, have no affiliation in the least with the heartland of America.

I have wasted enough time in Iowa to assess the reality of Iowa. Iowa people are good at heart, meaning good people. Their regime is police state based which uses highway patrol terrorism to extort money from tourists. Sioux City stinks like a sewer. Council Bluffs smells like a distillery. Hamburg is sort of a wet version of scorched cedar Missouri. Nearest I can say Iowa more metro Minnesota socialism.

Thing is, all of these political minders have no reality of any of the states they have candidates in, no more than their DC enclave. It is though what each of you experiences in how damned nuts every candidate is in how they react and the things they blurt out.

Former RNC Online Comm Director Teams Up With GOProud

She's no Andrew Breitbart — a good thing to some — but Liz Mair is the former online communications director at the Republican National Committee and the newest ...

This is the problem and the source of all of these problems the political parties have. For those unfamiliar with GOPROUD, that is the fag group which tried to overthrow CPAC with the Karl Rove billionaire boys club trying to buy the conservatives.

Up With Steve Kornacki 10/11/14

Where the Republican party is headed on gay marriage

As gay Republicans run for office and Mike Huckabee threatens to leave the party over acceptance of gay marriage, Republican strategist Liz Mair talks with Steve Kornacki about the party’s direction in moving closer to same-sex marriage support.

Michelle Malkin speaks of vetting Scott Walker on issues, but never touches on the reality of just where Scott Walker stands on Gayphilia and it's agenda to legally rape children.

GOProud was founded by Christopher R. Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia, two former Log Cabin Republican staffers who expressed dissatisfaction at that organization's generally centrist political positions. GOProud subsequently co-sponsored the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and added political commentator/author Ann Coulter, political commentator/strategist Margaret Hoover, Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist,[4] new media specialist Liz Mair,[5] political analyst Lisa De Pasquale, and political communications consultant Chuck Muth.[6]

In looking at this, all of this..........the sodom list of advocates makes one wonder how the woman connected to Liz Mair, who trashed World Net Daily and Joseph Farah with Geraldo Rivera, who went search and destroy on Birthers..........none other than Ann Coulter, the current "book queen against Mexicans".......just why no men ever are around her.

For those ignorant of Christopher Barron inside the GOP, he once posted high praises of John Edwards, the liberal presidential candidate, and Jimmy LaSalvia once worked for the ACLU.

This is the infestation of the Republican Party, just as most religions have been turned into minders for Obama and the NRA is something that finds Harry Reid a proper choice.

What the hell are you people being led around by? Figure this out as it is already too late.