Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Hitler of Greece

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What does economic depression bring to a repressed population?

In 1929, it brought to America Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who violated every George Washington unwritten law of not only tampering with Government in stacking the Supreme Court, in the same way Birther Hussein Obama has overthrown the US Supreme Court of Sodomite Justice Roberts, and in 1917, the immense debt piled on Germany, brought about the rise of Austrian Adolf Hitler in national socialism.

The situation in Greece is one which was designed by economic terrorism of a week, meant to make Greeks vote to be slaves. The Greeks refused, but the regime they trusted in, threw them to the concentration camps.

There is nothing generous about the German Russian frau of Angela Merkel, in her rubbing it in to the Greeks of how much she can make them suffer. The same misery index which Stalin inflicted on East Germans, and the same post war mass death inflicted on Germans by the Roosevelt Truman regime.

Whenever a population is so pushed, by deliberate cartel actions, what appears is always one of their thugs. Obama is such a despot, who has proven hisself in image as devious, murderous and low as Joe Stalin. The very prediction this blog predicted image Obama would devolve to.

What no one is measuring in this is, what will arise in Greece, once they have nothing to lose? Who is to transform Greece into a nation on the march?

The world now has 3 explosive points in the west. Ukraine, Greece and Iran. The Iranian treaty is one which has beyond Rush Limbaugh shallow grazing over the Drudge headlines a reality that Kerry Obama negotiated a scorched earth policy for Iran. This treaty can now go before the UN when Iran violates the treaty, and China and Russia have signed off on the massive strikes on Iran. No Moscow Peking vetoes of the plan to nuke Iran.

The cartel has a brought about a cesspool in order to bring about a European tyrant again, of their own promotion.

How long it requires to manifest. How a catalyst of WMD wars on the European border might terrify the population and cement in a new empire. How Vladimir Putin being made into a boogerman on the Slavic borders, is all part of what this is, interconnected with.

Do not forget in this, in image Obama in reverse speech, just happened to say that it's agenda was to burn Europe.

As the shadow of the image of Obama recedes in the setting sun of America, just what darkness is there in Europe which will arise in that dark night.