Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Return of Art Bell


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was amused that the Obamafag, George Nouri, was called out by a listener for not crediting Art Bell in the Coast to Coast AM credits on Thursday AM. Nouri's response was that Mr. Bell had emailed him and asked not be be mentioned any longer, but Nouri of course kept at it, to which Mr. Bell had to repeat the action two weeks later for Nouri to desist.

I read between the lines in that, and the reality is George Nouri and Premier Radio Networks have been hawking Art Bell in scraping his bones for profit, since Mr. Bell left. No one on this planet could replace Art Bell. He was the Johnny Carson of late night. The William Shatner of the final frontier. The John Wayne of Westerns. The Ronald Reagan of American politics.

So of course some Obama minders were going to keep that cloth of Art Bell around, as they took Obama awards and minded the cartel store.......last of which was the Donald Trump should tone it down mantra, which of course would end Mr. Trump's Presidential run.

That is what was amusing in all of this in on Friday night, a caller blurted out that Art Bell was coming back. To this George Nouri, sort of gasped, took his breath away, gulped and mumbled out something in terror of "Yeah", as the reality is, the return of Art Bell is going to be bring a huge sucking sound on Coast to Coast in all of it's no talent hosts and Obama storylines to manipulate people.

I always remember Art Bell saying one thing about his program in, "I don't know if it is real, but it is fun."

That is what made Art Bell the best host. He was passionate and he was intelligent. He investigated and was inquisitive, and he cared about the subjects. FOX in their sci fi owes all of those profits to Art Bell, as it was his audience which propped that network up.

I in not any way am linked to Art Bell, so this gushing is just me. The fact is the one time I did contact Art Bell, he never replied. I simply am pleased that this once in a generation radio host is back doing what he enjoys and I hope that he can expand, so that his program will be heard by more people.

I once had an email from a gal who was involved with all of this paranormal, and she made the remark that George Nouri hated her. I could see why the Pentagon employee.....yes that is what Nouri could not deny as a caller pinned him on that on Friday AM, that Nouri;s background is intell and that is who is minding the Obama store and why he received and Obama reward.
Nouri is a company man and if he his script was changed, he would be Shep Smith bending over for Obama on air. That is the reality.

Art Bell is not God, and never claimed to be. He has been wrong about some things in personal politics, but he certainly was not George Nouri having a man on the ground in Egypt promoting the Obama Spring, which has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people, and now has America facing nuclear terrorism times one hundred.

I simply place this notice that Art Bell is back, as that delights me as a listener. Somehow I am going to have to find a way to listen from time to time, and that is why I am hoping that a few blow torches in AM will pick up his program so most of the country will be able to hear him, and drop Nouri's Mockingbird micheads.

MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT is the name of his program, and I have not researched that much as I was so excited Mr. Bell was coming back. He was dearly missed by millions of fans and I pray for better days ahead for him somewhere in time.

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