Saturday, July 11, 2015

That Glowing Dawn

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I write this, my back just provided me a day of spasms which took my breath away. Every step feels like someone is jamming a shard of glass into my spine. My back aches and my head hurts.....stomach is nauseated from the ibuprofen I have been loading.

These past mornings I have been blessed to awaken in the pre dawn. It is the dawn of Theodore Roosevelt with his skylarks and George Custer in the bustle of boots and saddles. Dawn in the remote places comes early and it is not like any other. The atmosphere glows with light in a special way, hours before dawn.
It is comforting and enveloping in all this tribulation which is taking place in this world. It is a constant companion which only encompasses you more with the assurance that day always wins out over the darkness.

I have the windows open, to cool the house, and to keep track of the poultry so they will not be killed by predators. At night, the coyotes come by to call in the darkness before they move on the way to terrorize the other young animals like fawns.
So in the morning, as the world slumbers at 4 o'clock, the birds begin singing. It is the song sparrow first and then follows the one who has puzzled me. I kept wondering why the mockingbird or thrush was singing so early, and so late in the heat of the summer here, but then the Holy Ghost explained who the mimid was, as she sat in a dead tree yesterday afternoon entertaining the host.

My singer was a cat bird. I have quite a number of them. They sit in the willows as I weed the corn, and hide among the rows, only to flutter up to the willow, and then sing that scolding cat like call at me, and I inform them as I do all the birds, if it was not for me, there would not be this last place of habitat for them to be living on.

Catbirds are a proof as so many proofs are that God exists. No one else could take sooty grey charcoal, put two little black eyes into it, and scuplt a body so perfectly elegant than God. Nothing this color should be alluring, and yet catbirds are some of the most beautiful of God's creations.

This bird sings for about 90 minutes in a sort of symphony of one, as the prelude is the song sparrow and the closing chorus is the song sparrow too. Then there is silence, but for 90 minutes the cacaphony of this little mimick is filling the glowing pre dawn with a music of heaven. This bird is so very close to a brown thrush, it does fool me, as it works through the chorus it has heard.......and then in the closing, comes the last vestage of the bird, as the little catbird sounds come solitary through the window, telling the world, that this was the beauty of this little bird, and not the song of the long tailed, spotted  birds who fill their space with their size.

Then dawn comes and all is silent, as a new chorus of birds awakens. The robins, and then in the light, the crows, who have found a dead tree in our grove, are roosting there and talking to each other.
I do speak crow, but am not fluent. It is never a song, but the caws of animals who are announcing like the coyotes that this is their space, as others caw back telling the same message.

The morning is a psalm of daylight and mourning,  a message of we who do not have in this life of tears, who will in Christ have a life in tears of joy. There are darker days coming, but I rejoice in my God and His Christ, with the Holy Ghost, for the light in this world. I may not find it in the day when the evil arises and abounds. I may not find it in the night when the predators lurk in the veil of shadows, but I do find it where God awakens me to, where the Good Shepherd leads me in this path of Righteousness.

Do not expect a group to back you up in the present or the times ahead. You are in a stand alone time, and Faith in Christ is what you will have to believe, as much as your rugged individual parents did and somehow were delivered through.

The Light will come from Christ in a world overflowing with darkness. The Light is in you, a  lamp unto your feet which is the melody of the dawn, filled with an angelic chorus, you may not hear, but God reassures you with the birds of that glowing light.