Monday, July 13, 2015

The Sodom Affect

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is the deception, in the reason you do not understand.

The Mexican and Muslim and Chinese are imported to those specific Western Israelite exiled peoples of the Lost Ten Tribes to disrupt those genetic breeding programs which God instituted in the Bible, as these peoples resonate specifically Spiritually.

You do not understand that when the cartel elite, the aristocracy, push sodomy on Americans, it is not because they favor sodomy, but sodomy is more than even a means to the end of pedophilia, as even that has a purpose.

All of this is about a Temple, a coming of the illuminated one, and the advancements it promised to this select group of usurper humans, to become immortal without God, so they would be gods themselves, in what this deception is about in an unholy trinity, of the Pater Pope as false prophet, the anti Christ as European empire leader in the beast and satan as the spiritual father of it all.

It is as Barry Chamish said long ago of the Shabbatai Zvi, the Jewish false messiah sect. The teaching was if you sin more, then the messiah will appear. This is not about the Messiah though, nor about the cover in blaming Christians for Armageddon nor for luring Muslims in with their mahdi and that epic war with the West, but it is about the reality of when sin abounds to such a corruption, that the devotees will come to that time when that illuminated one is to appear, with all the promises and without the need for God for immortality.

Increase the carnality, as the people of the pastures have no purpose in not being of the bloodlines necessary or of competitive Light bloodlines, so the genocide of these races within humanity are deemed an acceptable thing, as they are contenders of which the few will only rule in never dying in a mass of dead billions fertilizing the lands of this world.

The illuminated thought in this is,not to attempt to defeat God, but instead defeat God's plan of Creation. Corrupt the Creation in the Garden of Eden, corrupt the Law of Moses, murder the Creator Christ, and in finality, repeat the Flood, repeat Sodom and the cities of the plain, repeat Cannan, repeat the divorcement of Israel and Judah.
Yes, take the vessels of God's preparation for His Holy Spirit, and have them corrupt themselves in every bestial way. Corrupt their resonancy so completely, that even God's Nature will revolt to this evil, and God will then wipe out this mass of sinners in Mercy.

Gayphilia is a corruption of the human form which so corrupts it, in thought, word and deed, that it is a grinning image of Obama and a Val-erie Jarrett bathing the White House as the Fag House, marking that symbol of Christ's America, for destruction.

That is the deception which the lords and priests focus upon. It is this homosexual collusion and the reasons behind it all. It is the last days in all of this, the completion, but the cartel is not focusing on rainbows nor Armageddon. They focus upon the false tree of life they have constructed, and the benefits of wiping the mortals from this earth as Armageddon is just an evolution in that process.

This reality is disconcerting and sickening once one becomes aware of this progression and the reasons all are now caught up in this time line which has been engineered. All of those fools celebrating with glee, and seeking what other moral people they can destroy, are now being swept faster and faster to their demise.

The paradigm without the attributes of God, creates as negative or opposite signature as messiah Obama to the Messiah Christ. God and Christ are Creation and Life. Void that or replace that resonancy, and what is the reality is Destruction and Death.

Enjoy your knowledge. You will not be destroyed at least for lack of it now.