Friday, July 3, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We revisit tillers as in communications with God's Holy Spirit I am learning of this process and how the entire always experts have been flat ass wrong.

Most of you have heard the archaic saga of the poor white Pilgrims were too stupid to plant a seed in the ground, and the Indians of America were so bright in teaching them to plant 3 seeds to a hill, with a dead fish under it to fertilize the seeds and the rest was population explosion history.

I study the work of Glenn Drowns of Iowa a great deal as I read in his work the works which I find online are his source, as he is a good brain novel to listen to on things plants and animals, as he is a very good student.
It is in this that I read of his planting 3 seeds to a I did it, and had low yeild results and stressed plants.

I had always read of the experts relating that melons, cukes......corn and whatever should be planted multiple seeds to a hill. Yes by God's Grace it is that these crops produce numerous seeds, and when the melon or corn rots down, the seeds are there to grow in multiples.
Thing is in farming, American farming, they sowed things in rows and things grow really good in rows to be managed, and for production.
You should get the point in this that what the Indians and others were doing, were repeating what they had witnessed in nature. It was not innovative, but repeating what was taking place naturally. Later farmers figured out a better method to increase production and to make things easier to weed.

This is what I assumed was the case with tillers or suckers in corn......which of course it is, but yet it is not. I will explain.

It all goes back to my planting more heritage corns this year. I noted in my specific locations that some plants were producing tillers. TL has a popcorn plant in a group which did not grow well, that has 4 suckers on it. It looks like a spike plant or something for all the growth involved in it. I happened to drop a Squaw Corn seed by itself and noticed that thing all alone was producing tillers up the wazoo too. Give corn enough space, like planting it as it's own tree in your front yard and in the older heritage varieties, and poof you get "stooling" just like in wheat in cool conditions.
They are both grass genus plants, so they are simply acting the way they should, without agribusiness interference and always expert meddling for over 100 years.

OK now comes to this reality.

The Indians saw this in corn and thought it was multiple seeds like in squash......when it was not, because they were too ignorant. This passed on to the Pilgrims and other white people who started planting too many seeds in the ground, and hindering crop performance, as corn overloaded will limit suckers......but when it is on it's own, it takes the plunge and is fruitful and begins multiplying.
Granted you get corn in not primo spots, this tiller work hinders it, but in reality, the world has had a "Stephen Hawking" head up their ass moment, and it has been leading people astray for several hundred years, until now.

The Indian had no conception of corn, so they planted too many seeds, when the corn was sending out tillers which is what the Indian and later Americans were believing they were recreating from nature.

I am still testing these suckers, but I have had a banner year in numbers of varieties I am growing for a great experiment in this, in seeing how this all turns out. At the very least, more green above ground, produces more energy for a better corn crop in the main having 5 people bringing in an income, instead of just the one root of you.

I am grateful to God in the Holy Ghost revealing these things to me, as these issues have to be addressed. I am almost to the point in this, of having things weeded so I can relax and enjoy the show of these plots, as it is hard to see the tillers for the forest of corn.

This though is the tale of tillers. In high moisture ground, which is warm, fertilized, with humidity or corn growing conditions, corn in the older varieties will exhibit how much it will respond to good growing conditions. This fascinates me, as I do intend to be shown by God how this all will work. Understand this, that in modern Monsanto it is like 35,000 seeds polluting the ground in corn per acre. There is always a maximum carrying capacity, like too many seeds in a hill......if you plant less and get more in bigger ears, then who is the wiseman and who is the fool.
To project this out, what if you had an acre of bottomland, and instead of 30,000 plants per acre, you could reduce seeding in knowing your corn was going to tiller 3 more stalks. That would mean just 7500 seeds, which is allot less expense and waste of resource.

I have observed in the Southwest the Indian there due to lack of moisture in planting their blue corns, had them spaced like six feet apart, and they did make corn. Think that was bunch planted too, which may be a mistake or it may be how you do things in the desert as that corn might not tiller.

I will continue talking to the corn and the Holy Ghost by God's Grace will contine speaking to me in bringing the correct conclusions.
Yes I hope if I have to, to assist these God planted test plants a bit to see what they will produce as the ideal would be to get them to reproduce on each stalk and gain seed from them to expand the testing with.

I leave this at that.