Thursday, July 2, 2015

You Are Always Appreciated

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Life is a pisser and satan for being a little prick certainly hoses down enough people. -Lame Cherry

Been a soul-tearing couple of weeks for God's Children in more rights wrenched away and God's Truth now against the law in sodomerica.

Oh well, got to go, but haven't had to kill myself this week 
as much as previously. Maybe the untapped energy can be 
marshalled on our day off tomorrow for more extensive 
communication, which you may or may not appreciate.

The current situation is Woodie croaked about 4 hours after I took that picture and posted it and I am currently trying to negotiate a meal out of nothing. It all reminds me of William Tecumseh Sherman finding General Grant sitting under a tree after the Confederates handed his ass to him, as Grant could not stand being in camp due to the wounded screaming, when Sherman said to him "Rough day." Grant simply looked up and replied, "Lick 'em tomorrow."

I dont know when Jesus is coming for sure............well yeah I do, but I do know that Jesus is going to Repay every person for what they did. I was given that Bible verse of I Peter 2:17 for just this post I guess as it came earlier in the week. I like that Tyndale Bible as it speaks plainly and it says that God does not play favorites but Rewards people equally for the Good and the evil they act out.

I know enough of you are Good and having hard times of it. You are like Panther Cat who might appear here if he or she does not go claws up. See TL was fishing around in the grass yesterday and there was this cat, newly-born and abandoned. So that is what the background music is in this house of a baby kitten being a lot like me with God. TL does a better and more prompt visitation to Panther Cat than to what I say with God with me and my whining. I just have to wait for a better tomorrow and hope for something more.

God Bless and Keep each of you. I know I have been a hard ass as of late, but for what's coming if I am nice, the perverts are only gonna keep thinking that Jesus is all Love and not going to be Wielding the big Sword on all those sinners.
So find the things God Gives for solace. I like my weeded garden which is now trying to be burnt up in satanic sin. There must be something in that to be happy about, but if not I will still Praise the Lord.

If Bible verses are not quite the thirst quencher at this time, I hear that Schlitz is a good substitute on days off. Certainly beats Grain Belt.

Nuff said.