Wednesday, July 22, 2015

To save the World


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is now a confirmed scientific fact that the sun has entered into a period of cooling, a cooling period which bring on an ice age. There is no such thing as a mini ice age, as either you have temperatures to grow food and live in, or you have no food and numbers of people and animals will perish.

All of us are well aware in being Truthers for Climate, being brutally assaulted by even the mouth of Barack Hussein Obama as "deniers", placing us in the category of holocaust deniers, what the entire science was about Al Gore's Global Warming and then Climate Change.

For a review it was this:

The earth is being assaulted by environmental changes, in massive warming, due to cows farting, people burning coal for electricity, people burning gas for was all about that carbon footprint and carbon tax, you will remember that carbon dioxide, the life giving force of planet earth, was to blame for it all, and people were producing it..........besides the farting cows.

Yes it was carbon emissions which were thee entire cause of planet earth warming up, the polar caps melting, oceans rising, and, little polar bears drifting about  the ocean on ice cubes.

Now everything has changed. The sun is cooling, and all life is now in jeopardy on earth. We are told that just like global warming, that we only have a few years before all of this takes place.

Revisit the Obama Gore science. It was people who caused all of this global warming.........burning "fossil fuels" should it now not be reasonable that the only thing to save earth from solar cooling and an ice age on earth, is the wholesale burning of coal, methane, natural gas and everything made of crude oil.

As people were taxed and Obama drove up energy costs, it now only stands to reason that the best thing for earth is to subsidize the burning of immense amounts of coal in almost free electricity to the good olde days when V 8's ruled the highways at 8 miles per gallon and gas was a nickel a gallon.

This is Gore Obama science. These flat worlders had it all wrong in limiting human energy consumption in making it expensive. What the world really needs is cheap energy and ways to burn immense volumes of it.

The Lame Cherry wrote long ago in an exclusive of a scientific pattern that the earth and not dinosaurs create fossil fuels, and that life on earth has shortened when the earth started stockpiling volumes of carbon in natural resources like coal, methane and crude oil. In order to maintain balance, humans have a vocation to release these carbons as gases back into the atmosphere to enhance plant life, extend human life, and to make the world a better place for all.
Those are the real scientific facts just as the Lame Cherry noted it was the sun which created earth heating and cooling, not the atmosphere.

The Obama fraud science is to be used against these flat worlders to return energy rights back to humans. It is going to require resources in individual's hands, more refined machinery burning carbon storage platforms to both do the work and to provide hospitable environments to plants and animals to get us through this ice age.

This requires the same measures used against the people of this planet to now be used for their benefit. It can not be both ways. If the Gore Obama sham was robbing and impoverishing people over energy in global warming, then it is the reality that people should be given cheap energy, just like when the oil companies were addicting the world to carbon fuels for profit.

That is the platform of the Lame Cherry and if you do not start demanding this, for the sake of yourself, then who the hell is?