Wednesday, July 22, 2015

That free 14,000


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to an investment program and thought I would pass this along, as I ask enough for donations from the uber rich, and they never take place, but it does affect all of us.

The reality is that anyone can give anyone 14,000 dollars a year as a non tax gift. In certain circumstances, the giver in large amounts is responsible for the tax, but there is a lifetime exemption for the super rich to give over 5 million dollars to others.

IRS Gifting Rules for 2015 - Good Financial Cents

... you will have to have given away in excess of $5 million in cash or other assets over the ... to gift up to $14,000 ... the lifetime gift tax ...

I would simply put it as, how many rich people have gifted anywhere near 14,000 a year, once in their lifetimes? That is what the regime states would be a small amount and the rich who have had their wealth doubled under the Obama regime, think a few underwear donated to a thrift store makes them Jesus healing Lazarus from the dead.

I am in no position to give like most of you. My efforts are putting shopping carts back at the store..........

Oh and speaking of that, TL took some carts back last week, and the owner's kid stood there and watched TL put the carts back. Didn't say thanks, didn't acknowledge the good deed, but just stood there being an ass.........when I went back he was putting towelettes into the dispenser as his big richturd gift to society which he was being paid for.
This guy has a quarter million dollar home, a thirty thousand dollar truck and God knows what his daddy got him, but this is what the rich are.........they loot from the poor, expect to be served and then demand more.

To be fair, his dad a year ago thanked me for putting carts back, as it costs time and money to have employees doing this, and that raises prices on the things we buy.

I digress.......

I do not know the entire tax structure and things should be assessed, but in some cases like that nation rapist Warren Buffett, the rich hide billions in trusts, which their children are paid to manage. The reality is, perhaps for your children, some type of trust or gift could be created to not have them or you pay taxes....your being able to get at the money in an emergency, and check things out if you like, as the purpose of this blog is richtards and richturds can give 14,000 a year to people in a non tax gift. I just wanted the 350,000 as I would pay the damn tax and then get our home, and be done with it as I went off the grid.

It is what it is and it is a reminder to the rich, that when you are not even generous to IRS regime standards of just 14,000 a really are a tightwad in the Obama class.