Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What matters

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump was asked if he ever asked God for forgiveness and he said that he had not. I was thinking about all of this in I learned last week that a kid I knew in school had died earlier this year.

I was contemplating that today in what is life, not in philosophical terms, but what is life really in what matters to Christ.

My friend, was someone I had not spoken to since he left school, in I only knew him a year. He made a positive impression on me, so much so, that he was honest and I could trust him. In reading his obituary, people had mentioned that he had made some bad choices, a marriage broke up, and I have no idea the details, but in all honesty, it did not make any difference.

This man dedicated himself to making things up to those he had wronged. He married a woman on his death bed. That kind of loyalty from a woman, speaks to the kind of person this man was and still is.
When you review that he had good children, his ex is still good to his parents and family, and that he made things right in life, that kind of life is a success.

God is the One Who sorts all of this out. I simply know that I would have a good thing to say about my friend as he touched my life for good. I am sorry that I could not have been there in the times of the bad choices, but I was probably making my own bad choices then or had a 94 Winchester stuffed into my mouth.

I was given the opportunity to speak to his family, and they appreciated the things I had to share with them. I know it is far too often that the sons of bitches in this world have people to lie about them when they go tits up, just like most of you look in your mirrors rehearsing all the delusions of how wonderful you are, but we all know what satan trash you really are. This kid though was genuine. We all make mistakes, but it is what we make of things after the mistakes which matters.