Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What Donald Trump Means


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you want to know what Donald Trump means, I want each of you to get this through your understandings as I see postings on who you will vote for, I witness the Lucianne Goldberg endless postings on "Trump is a flash in the pan" and to the Bill Krystol "ignoring" Donald Trump.........to all the other propaganda as the Mockingbird goes into overdrive........to each of you not understand this is not a game.

Tomorrow will post BEING PRESIDENTIAL. As I type this, the lines keep jumping in blogger, as the cursor indents and moves around. This is what happens when intelligence programs are grabbing things posted here, but that is not all there was to this.

We could not get this post to post. TL had to email it to me, and have me attempt it. To this the pictures in the email would not save. When I saved and reposted, the cursors went nuts, and when I checked the preview it posted this.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


This was out of an entire post which you will see the results of tomorrow.

That is what it looks like when someone is sending me a message. They did this in 2008 when I had emailed Jeff Rense a story which puzzled him, as it was edited, in yellow highlight, and it had one paragraph standing out to communicate to me what message I was supposed to take from it all.
Yes it was a threat.

That is what I am trying to get you to understand in this, that this is not a game. Your bashing Donald Trump or supporting Donald Trump, is something of the emotions of the moment. What you do not understand what Donald Trump means is that Donald Trump means empires are at stake in this. Quadrillions of dollars are at stake. Immortality is at stake. Multiple billions of lives are at stake. Hell is at stake.
I do not want to make this sound like I am anything more than you in your postings, but the reality is with all that is at stake above, Donald Trump is putting over 6000 years of plotting in jeopardy. This Lame Cherry blog chiseling points off of the appointed seizers of the White House, puts all of this at jeopardy.

You must understand that Donald Trump means just an outcome to the cartel. In inquiry I have stated there is already a horizon point forming in March of next year, to assassinate Donald Trump if he carries this momentum through. The elite have deemed it easier to eliminate him, and deal with your rage, than allowing Donald Trump to continue on.

What is important to me, is the reality that I have been upsetting as of late again a number of these powerful elite from the pedophile rulers to the Bohemians who have decided things about Jebpanzee and Hamrod. The kind of messages this blog has been targeted with is the first shot across the bow again, meaning that I have become an active target again. For the layman's translation of this, it means things are generating to eliminate me again.

That is what Donald Trump means. I am watching all of this and realize that this approaching levels out of the control structure parameters. The paradigm is having to be recalculated and an insect like me is becoming an annoyance in the butterfly wave generated.

I do not expect any of you to get this, as it is not your existence on the line. To most of you, you think you are going to continue on and that Donald Trump is interchangeable with what you conclude is a leader.
There are resources being expended to neutralize Donald Trump, and this fringe media is become a problem.

Even the amusement of the Paypal has highlighted in HTML new colors as it is being posted. They really are capable of reading minds instantaneously with reflecting light waves off of a computer screen. I was just contemplating if I had the money, I would be doing something else.

Donald Trump means nothing of the sort that the agenda will be stopped. Donald Trump means it would be delayed as it was with Ronald Reagan. There can be no more delays though as the dates have been set on the power lines of the pur.

The cartel does not want this blog explaining things which will pull your little feeties out of the abyss, and keep you from falling into it day by day. I by God's Grace have become too effective in drawing blood from the quarry..........

There was a railroad man named Harrigan. He used to do things one way. I made him change his ways and he didn't like that.

Those who rule this world, do not like it when instruments of God create conditions which make them do things a different way.

All of you think this is a game and you play at possessors of the stage, in wanting to be me. I can see why the Archangel light appeared again this past week which I witnessed. This brier patch I am in is become a focal point again, and I do not want it and I am uneasy of what it portends.