Tuesday, July 14, 2015

You are the Spiritual Warrior


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

More than anything I want to be a spiritual warrior like you and TL. My body is weak, but my spirit is willing.

General George S. Patton, the greatest American battle general in history, met with his Soldiers and informed them that every single individual of them mattered and was as vital to the war as any general was.
A military needs people to peal potatoes, run communication wires, dig latrines and just be there to diffuse the bullets being shot by the enemy in making more targets.

I posted in a comment recently about a person whose computer blew up, and they had done a great deal of research, but no one read it. The reality is, that one person did not think they mattered, but yet they do, as the more people out there speaking Truth, means that Homoland Security has to divert and invest more resources, and that means sappers like me get through the wire some days easier in that diversion.

Each of you matter, and there is too much of this elite pedaling of diplomas in "people are not qualified". You hear it for President and you have people thinking that just because they are not the popular girl, well they are not measuring up.
For the record, if you are a Natural Born American, unlike Birther Obama, are of age, not a convict, you are qualified to be President. The same is true in Jesus Christian Soldiers or the Continental Patriots of America yet surviving in this sodomite deluge of death.

If you are on the line, if you are confessing Christ, then you are a Spiritual Warrior, as Jesus and the Holy Angels are with you, and you are doing the Lord's work, as the real estate you are in and stand on, is Christ's Kingdom to welcome Him back on earth.

It does not matter if you are Babygirl age or your body is not perfect, or anything else. You are here on the line, and you are an American Patriot and a Spiritual Warrior, as much welcomed by Christ than any Lame Cherry........probably more, as I have a warped sense of humor that I hope Jesus does not bring up, like my quip in thinking He was taller.

We are all in this together for a crown of Life, that only comes from Christ. You stop sinning, confess Jesus and live your lives being moral people to prove that you are Christ's and that is all it requires.

Onward Christian Soldiers..........you are here and that is all that matters. I just happen to be a bigger target which most of you would not prefer, but then I have Angels showing up yesterday to glow about the place like a mist as for some reason people want me dead again.........

......and my being so popular.......how could that be.