Tuesday, August 4, 2015

10,000 Armed Women

If you are foe, we do not fear you. If you are friend, your foes will be taught the fear of us.

This is a far too old of story, but legends are never new, but forever. There was at the start of the Obama ISIS terror war, a group of women, 1000 Kurds who volunteered to join an elite unit of snipers, and these heroic women, put numbers of these Obama terrorist in hell.

Khurdish Warriors

The pin up for them was Rehanna, who it was said killed 100 ISIS terrorists on her own. Her photo was celebrity status around the globe, but most do not know she ever existed.
The legend has it that she was captured and the Obama terrorist cut her head off for real, not just stage theater as other cases have been.

These are real women and the women who should never be forgotten. They make the disgraceful females in the liberal west with their anti gun, aborticide and Obama voting with lesbian Hillary appear for what they are. The worst of what they are and these Khurds the best of what women can be.

We will never forget them as they are an inspiration and a lesson to the American women of what they are going to have to be engaged in to survive in the not too distant future.