Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Richard Milhous Nixon as witnessed from Iraq


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For all of the propaganda concerning the Baathist Party of Iraq and their last leader in Saddam Hussein, it is going to be a bit of a different grain of  thought in reading the following publication from 1974 AD in the year of our Lord by the Iraqi political party.

Their assessment of why President Richard Nixon was removed in a coup from office is eye opening. The Lame Cherry does not use the term "Zionism" as it has Jewish connections, but instead uses the terms which Henry Ford did in "internationalists" or as I prefer, the Ashkenaz, who are the secular bankers, who use Jewry as a cover for their machinations for the aristocracy.

If you read this closely, you will find that the Iraqi intellectual is insightful and reasoned. They are nothing what the propaganda exposes in the current trend of turban heads.

The following quote places the reality that John Kennedy and Richard Nixon both were mavericks, concerning the issues of foreign affairs and this is what was the source of not coloring within the lines which got these two Presidents into jeopardy.

The basis is Soviet relations, and how President Nixon was working with President Brezhnev to effectively end the 1972 War in the Mideast, in which the Israeli state was gaining territory and redefining the field of the Middle East.

Richard Nixon thwarted what was Ashkenaz policy in the Mideast.

While Watergate took place before the 72 War, the reality is the fact, that it was the Ashekanz press monopoly of leftists who drove Richard Nixon from office in this coup.

I place this here to study and to open your minds, that indeed Iraq did have intellectuals, and the current Mockingbird oddities who image Obama has promoted is not what the mindset is in this region in having no semblance of thought. The leadership in the Mideast is far more akin to the reasoning of President Assad, President Mubarak and the King of Jordan. 

Anyone acquainted with the development of
American policy after the Second World War, i.e.,
since America assumed the leadership of world
imperialism and capitalism, will remember that
out of the five presidents who ruled in the post-war
period (Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson
and Nixon) only two (Kennedy and Nixon) had
pursued "non-traditional" policies, that is, they
ventured new trials. In the end, Kennedy was
assassinated and Nixon was forced to resign.

However, this should not imply that Kennedy
and Nixon were maveries or in any way different
in either nature or orientation from America's
ruling institutions. On the contrary, they were
all through part and parcel of the core of those
institutions and among their most loyal servants.
As a matter of fact, each of them enjoyed the
wide support of the ruling institutions in the first
phase of his presidency. Ironically coming to
power under circumstances compelling the ruling
institutions to undertake some trials in their
 policies, they eventually fell victims to those

As we have anticipated at a fairly early time,
Nixon's resignation was the expected sequence of
two basic trials of American policy : the first
pertaining to relations with the Soviet Union,
or what came to be known as international
detente, and the second relating to the Arab area.

On November 28, 1973, an important meet-
ing took place in Baghdad with a high-ranking
official in a friendly state. This was said to him
then :

"The pressure exerted on Nixon by the Soviet
Union, in the light of international considera-
tions known to both parties, has managed
to halt the war at its existing indicators.
But we believe that nothing can prevent
world Zionism, particularly U.S. Zionism, to
reconsider its attitude towards Nixon any
time it judges him as no longer useful to it.
More precisely, should U.S. Zionism be con-
vinced that the considerations ensuing from
the Nixon-Brezhnev parlays impell America
to apply a certain pressure on Israel, with

the aim of preventing Israel from territorial
expansion and imposing on her secure bound-
aries, Zionism is indeed in a position to deal
with Nixon in a way that turns him into a
"stage" in the mainstream of American
policy. Sure enough, Zionism, by virtue of
its power and influence, is capable of remov-
ing Nixon at will. And by so doing, Zionism
will have offered the American policy an
opportunity to absolve itself from the commit-
ments undertaken by Nixon before Brezhnev. 

That last part bears repeating:

Zionism will have offered the American policy an opportunity to absolve itself from the commit-
ments undertaken by Nixon before Brezhnev.

Yes the foundation of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks or SALT were a disarming problem for those making billions of dollars off of the fraud of the Cold War. There is a basis of understanding the hidden realities of history in what the Iraqi leftists were stating. It requires being heard, instead of being hidden away never read.........as we all know that Arabs only have oil for brains.......we are told this all the time.