Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Cecil Is Born


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I still do not get all the upset over that damned dead lion Cecil, because Panther Cat died and nobody cared at PETA.

So let me introduce to you, TL's new cat...........I do not know the name, but let us all sing BORN FREE.

You sing, as I hate that song and am glad those Adamsons turned into lion shit.

Meanwhile back at the brier patch.

There is this siamese white cat named Kitty. Kitty likes sex and gets preggo real easy. Kitty had Panther Cat and he all the other cats in the litter.
So TL has been feeding Kitty to make sure the second Kitty litter turned out well. Well, she slung one yesterday in it was dead, and then there was this one laying there in the shed, that I thought was dead until I went out to bury had moved, so into the house it came.

Are you done singing that damned Born Free song yet? I hope so as it is annoying.

So  anyway, TL was busy last night picking blow fly maggot eggs off of the little dudder, and we were up at 3 AM feeding unnamed cat, and sure enough he is alive.

He likes to eat. That is what this is about in kitty rescue stuff.

TL uses an eye dropper to feed not Cecil. Not Cecil takes a tube of that down faster than I eat pizza. Eats a bout 2 and half eye dropper things.

TL looked online and the recipe we have been using is:

4 ounces whole milk
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon corn syrup.

We did not have that starting out, so not Cecil was eating a tablespoon of sugar to two ounces of milk.

We wrestled Kitty to the ground this morning and tried to make not Cecil suck, but that was a no go, as Kitty has no milk..........just this cat was not made for motherhood or something in the draw of life.
Yes you can picture me milking a cat..........I have done that before, but this was one dry well, in all whatever tits.......not like I go around counting cat tits like a perv.

That is the moral of this story. Got one damned lion dead and everyone with sense is cheering, and here comes a replacement cat on schedule to fill the cat void. Sure not Cecil is premature, lives in a tupperware, is heated by an oven, and dines on eye droppers and nipples, but he is doing ok. Will see how it goes, as someday we will put up pictures of the Holmes clan we have here in Sherlock, the new kitten who is quite tuxedo dressed handsome.

Did I mention that TL and I do not like cats?

Let' sing in German.....

Frei geboren so frei wie der wind weht ...

I love singing that name eco terror song in German, makes it sound shittier than it is which is shitty as eco terrorists are.