Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This is the Trump Debate


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The fact is there is not going to be a GOP debate. It has been transformed to the Trump Debate. It is going to be a matter of the audience upset at 9 other candidates getting in the way or their being able to see and listen to Donald Trump.

That is the reality of the GOP debate. It is a matter of Bush, Christie, Kasich one one side, and Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Huckabee, Carson, Paul and Walker on the other.

Donald Trump is polling in the mid 30's. His audience though is going to be in the high Tea Party 70's. Anyone who says something negative about Donald Trump is going to cement their end in not making it to 2016.

It is like Jeb Bush, thee most stupid candidate on the planet, after antagonizing the right, went on FOX and whined in Spanish that his feelings were hurt. Yes that is what everyone wanted to hear, being chattered at in Spanish by a wimp.

I say this prayer simply.

Almighty Father, if it is Your Will in Mercy to raise up Donald Trump as someone You Will work through for the protection and deliverance of Your people, act and do in helping Mr. Trump to prevail and set the hearts of the American people for him to accomplish Your Will, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.
What I am explaining here is this, Donald Trump is one shining moment from being such a force in the Republican Party, that the issue will not be who will be the Presidential candidate, but instead how Mr. Trump will assemble the GOP factions for his cabinet posts in order to unite not only the GOP, but the Democratic Party behind him.

Donald Trump is leading among women and young voters. Donald Trump is leading among Hispanic voters. Donald Trump has put the capital T in the tea party again.

Donald Trump already appears Presidential. He is now being formed in peoples minds as President Donald Trump.

The polling is bogus in the Trump versus democrats, as there is inner intrigue of "anyone but Hillary" as much as "anyone but Jeb Bush" on the right. The left elite is scrambling as the Obama regime has pulled out the criminal guillotine on Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden is muddying the waters with his dead beau. The old fossil Bernie Sanders has crippled Hamrod, and now a mad dash is to find a leftwing Donald Trump in the Latte Leftist of Starbucks............yes he writes Veterans books, but comes off as another goofy looking white Obama of the coffee elite.

Just look at what Donald Trump faces in this crowd.

Fat Obama lover Chris Christie who everyone hates.

Stupid Don Juan Jeb, who fucks Spanish, speaks Spanish and is peon stupid and everyone wants to go away.

John Kasich, the guy with the Flintstone face and stone of heart personality which puts people off like cuddling with a cadaver.

Ron Paul Lite, in he can not convince even the Paul maniacs that he is genuine.

Marco Rubio.......yeah voters want a guy named like Jeb Bush blabbers like in Spanish.

Ted Cruz......Cruz's best approach is to make people like him for liking Donald Trump.

Mike Huckabee.......except for the zombie chrisitans who vote for anything Christian, no one likes him.

Ben Carson.........everyone looking at boring Ben is thinking, "BLACKLASH" no more Obama.

Scott Walker.....Ted Cruz will out debate him, Donald Trump will out style him........and Walker will be exposed to why Jebpanzee Bush thought he could kick sand in this guys face.

If this is God's Will, people had better start thinking as Donald Trump thinks in, "WWDD" as President.

WWDD, What Would Donald Do?

This is already the Trump Debate and Donald Trump has won it, because protagonist and antagonist only care about what Donald Trump is going to think, do and say.

Donald Trump does not have to snap, as he has already snapped, crackled and popped. All he has to do is be Donald Trump American and he is that already.

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