Saturday, August 1, 2015

Are there nothing but 'beloved" lions in Rhodesia?


 Hero Walter Palmer
Administrator of Obamacare Rationed Death for Geezer Lions

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am puzzled by this in are there words that go together like "Muslim outrage" and "beloved lion" in Africa"?

The reason is, now that the tragic death of Jeromio or something who is said to be Cecil's brother, who of course was "looking after Cecil's cubs" which is ..........well in cat world your brother will eat your offspring and rape your wives quicker than Obama would.....ah with Obama that would your little boys as Obama is fag.

I just wonder about all of this, in all of those millions from hunting revenues taken in to Zimbabwe to protect wildlife, why is it that all this poaching is going on? Maybe it is because the locals are not getting their share, and poaching is probably the only way to make a living as the cartel with Obama has sucked the life out of Rhodesia.

See I desire all the holier than thou like Johnny Rodriguez or whatever that wildlife pimps name is in Africa who started all of this for Obama, in YOU made this an a poacher KNEW that there were well known lions there........and for the uninformed, the Orient is filled with little Chinamen who just love things ground up to make their dicks bigger than the Chinaman in the rice pad over.
So you got Cecil dead, and what would be more enticing, potent and an elixir of manhood, than to have Geronimo or whatever this brother of Cecil was, as he seems like a fag in changing the diapers of kids he never fathered.........or did he get a little on the side when Cecil was out trying to eat things off the refuge at night?

Any way so the Joker or whatever this lions name is, as it does not matter, as he would not come to it any more than Obama would a Christian Church, so Guantanimo was out in the park, and a poacher came in and shot him, as that is a prize for the Oriental traders to get a famous lion dick to suck on.

All the while the worthless goddamned park rangers were sitting on their asses, snoozing as that is all these fucktard wildlife officials do around the world.........raise goddamned predators to kill wildlife so they do not have to deal with hunters, and just collect their paychecks.

But wait two quotes.............

Professional Zimbabwean hunter Theo Bronkhorst insisted he did nothing wrong on the hunt that killed Cecil the lion, telling AFP he was shocked to find the animal was wearing a tracking collar.
'I don't believe I failed in any duties at all, I was engaged by a client to do a hunt for him and we shot an old male lion that I believed was past his breeding age. I don't think that I've done anything wrong,' Bronkhorst said

Oh shit, Walter Palmer shot an old fucking crippled lion who could not get an erection to breed!!!!!! Hokie shit  there batman,  it appears that all along it was the brother Gobama who was sticking it to the females and hosing them down.

But wait.......part 2:

Despite the initial reports, there are hopes Jericho is still alive after the team tracking his GPS said news of his death was 'utter sensationalism'.  

Damn, old Bidenbeau is still around and licking, kicking and sticking it to the girlies. Just sensationalism is all to run another story and for the Obama ministers of Zimbabwe to go nail some darkie asses to the thatch roof, as those are the people who hold the concessions and it is just the White people who are the slaves working over there.

So now we know the Truth. Cecil was more than a welfare lion. He was like Obama in not even knocking up Muchelle. Hell maybe old Cecil was even gay. I don't know all of this cat ass sex stuff, but I do know the Professional Hunter was right in this was a too old lion, that was out prowling around BECAUSE HE HAD ALREADY BEEN DRIVEN OFF BY HIS BROTHER.

Walter Arnold deserves a medal in all of this as he cropped a geezer lion that was about to be hyena shit in Africa. I am for compassion in this as Walter Arnold's patients who are children need to be having their aching teeth fixed so they do not develop other diseases.

We now return you to beloved Obama, beloved Planned Parenthood, beloved Beau and beloved Joe.

PS: I have a suggestion in Walter Palmer needs to get out of shit hole Minnesota where they persecute people for being normal and move to Wyoming where they will cheer this predator killer.

OH THIS JUST IN: Oxford egg heads are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on fucking lions or not fucking lions........while African children are dying of commie starvation, cartel malaria and Obama ebola. How about this in less aborted African black babies and more dead lions to even things least until Planned Parenthood can figure out how to sell aborted baby parts to the World Wildlife Fund for a profit.

One more that damned Johnny Rodriguez as all he does is sit on his ass while criminals murder things and then go after innocent hunters to cover his high priced ass.