Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lt Commander Timothy White: Another Flag Operation

As another Lame Cherry Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The delusions of Americans never cease to amaze. Lt Commander Timothy White is rumored to be charged for discharging his firearm in a "no gun zone" in the military as an Obama terrorist murdered 5 Americans.

Why is this a surprise?

This Obama regime started out with the Fort Hood Massacre and not calling Nidal Hassan a Muslim terrorist.

Americans seem to have forgotten the slaughter pits of Afghanistan in Obama's first "payback" dividend for his Muslims who were about to be given the opium fields there for European trade.
Obama ordered that Soldiers could not shoot first, until they were fired upon by weapon wielding terrorists, as Obama put military firebases below hills, so terrorists could shoot inside the compounds.

So for Lt Commander Timothy White to be another diversionary focal point, as other more nefarious things take place in causing rifts in America, why should this be outrage or surprise?
The US military is nothing but a fag minder political group in the leadership. It has been Obama's assassination corp from the start in exchange for pretty weapons programs to line the insiders pockets.

None of this is a surprise. Americans should by now be expecting to be targets of Obama terrorists.......both in Islam and in Homoland. I conclude none of you are going figure this out really until it is your being injected by a drone mosquito in dropping like flies, or it is your daughter or son gang raped by this sodom core of Obama.