Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Camelot Trump

First Lady Melania Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Why is it when America gets a Teddy Kennedy, Jeb Bush and Barack Obama Mexican invasion that all we get are these fat little midget ugly people, who rob, rape, murder and pillage America?

Then there is Donald Trump, and his Slovenian wife, Melania.

I mean compare that midget that Jeb Bush came home with for Ma and Pa Bush. Not to be mean about this, but .........to be delicate, Mexican whore houses have madams who look allot like this Crumba or whatever her name is.

Melania Knauss Trump is just attractive, more attractive than Jackie Kennedy.........hell more attractive than Ivana Trump who was that blonde snow bunny. That Donald Trump has great taste in the babes.........then look at what Bill Clinton had the cat drag in.
I mean Huma is ok, but ......she got them same features that Muchelle Robinson Obama has in you just figure you bag a bod like that thinking if times get hard, you will hook her up to a plough or give the camels a break in carrying the load.

Let us be honest in this, Melania Trump is the best looking woman in politics. She makes Sarah Palin look like a moose hunter.

I have made it no secret in I have a great affection for the Slavic peoples. I like them, even the bad ass ones. They are just attractive and do not run around looking snooty about it all. If you think about it, maybe Hitler invaded eastern Europe because the women were so attractive. Certainly makes more sense than looking for slaves.........harems yes, as the Muslims sure put the wood to it in going after Slavic nations.

So that is what the Presidential politics are coming down to in the finer points. You have classy Carla Brunei type of France who Michelle Obama hated, and she is in America. After the two state wide ass ugly of Michelle Robinson Obama and her fag husband Barry, with the image popping up all the time to queer things up, America deserves a vacation from ugly and a treat in looking at a lady who is out of our league in looks, unless of course we were a billionaire.
Even in that, Donald Trump is a man's kind of man and a man women who are hot just want to be married to. America is deserving of having a Ronald Reagan type male who is a real man and a wife who makes men glad they are male.

The reality in this assessment is America with Donald Trump is going to have Camelot for real in the White House. It is the first time since the 1960's that real children are going to be in the White House. I know the liberal gnashers will spout off about the Obama brats, but come on..........two fricking giants are not children who got their drunken laugh going on, in million dollar jet planes as 93 million people are out of work are not children. They are just tissue extensions of the ugly of the Obama and the Mrs.

Baron Trump

I like the idea of a Trump Camelot. I like the idea of a strong male who is going to stick it to other countries and make corporations give us jobs while booting out Mexicans. I like the idea of finally a foreigner running for the White House or in the White House, in Melania Trump being from Christian Europe and not some shit hole marrying Muchelle or Jeb for a green card.
I like the idea of a Trump baby, and Trump children all bounding around like John John and Caroline, and Donald not dicking around as JFK did Jackie, as nothing out there is better than Melania Trump.
I like the idea that every world leader and people will be envious of the American First Lady. I like the idea of Slovenia getting a gem setting in American focus as our First Lady comes from there.

It is a pretty good deal in having the hottest lady representing America and she pops out pretty children too, just like all the Trump women. That Donald is like Secretariat's old man in he never popped out a loser.

Trump Camelot is real, not an illusion of Jackie O. The more I see of Donald Trump, the more he is like Bruce Wayne, super hero of Gotham, but he has the chic in view, the kids and he is the one going to be President, not hiding behind the bushes flashing at the boys like Obama did.

That is something the Lord willing people had better get used to as their thought process. It is going to be President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania.