Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On the Wings of a Snow White Jeb

 Jeb Bush at the Columbian American Chamber of Commerce

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was pondering in how to complete this phase of exposing who the Jeb Bush family truly is, for after Columba Bush being an international criminal involving US Customs, Jorge Bush being a serial stalker, Noelle Bush being a three strikes dope head, and Jeb Bush jr. being a skinhead imprisoned drunk, just where does one begin the tale of the crimes of John Ellis Bush AKA Jeb Bush, because you have to understand something about the Bush syndicate.......
Unlike the unbalanced children and Mexican wife, Jeb Bush does not do his crimes first hand. He is not like Hillary Clinton the Rockefeller Republican minder of Bill Clinton Rockefeller, as she was and is an Oliver North type. You see, that Oliver North was the buffer between Vice President George H. W. Bush and the intelligence operatives, dope cartels and terrorists. North handled things to give that wall of separation. The Clinton's never had that separation, and that is why all those dead bodies were popping up in the White House, as they were directly dealing with the operatives and criminals, instead of Oliver North, Richard Secord and whoever handling things in areas like Miami Dade County.

This is the way the Holy Ghost Inspired me to inform you of all of this, and if you want to know about Jeb Bush's crimes, just review what the operatives at FOX did in trying to destroy Donald Trump, as Jeb stood around looking "presidential". That is Jeb Bush status quo. There was old man HW, then Jeb meeting with the operatives, who in turn then set things in motion to do the deed. It is the walls of separation in the criminal assault of Donald Trump, which is the image of what Jeb Bush has been for his entire life.
If you want the latest felony crimes of Jeb Bush, they are the conspiracy to destroy Donald Trump in election tampering involving Mockingbird stooge Roger Ailes of FOX working for corporate billionaire conduit Rupert Murdoch of the Obama regime, and then pimps like Erick Erickson of Red State who are set up to distribute spin to make all of you go to the gallows without a thought.

In taking this from the beginning, the Bush patriarchs did a son review early, and concluded that George W. was too wild and dope headed to be anything presidential to replace the Kennedy dynasty, and it fell to Jeb being the heir apparent.
Think of this in terms like Joe Kennedy jr. was the chosen golden boy who was assassinated to keep the Kennedy's from becoming a dynasty, as Jack was a f*ck up and Bobby was a sociopath. Jack never did grow up and Bobby never did stop being a sociopath, but in the Bush family, George W. got religion and his qualities began to shine as he had fire, was an ass kicker and got the job done once he stoped whoring around. Jeb on the reverse thinking this was all handed to him, became a f*ck up in always having others do the deeds.

We need in this to revisit the genesis of Jeb Bush, because while George W. was doing Texas things as a wild child, Jeb was being groomed in Florida during the Reagan Presidency.
Jeb Bush was put in charge of the Miami Dade Florida Republicans, but this was the hot spot still from the Kennedy Bay of Pigs era of CIA operations. There is a great deal of rumor and leads and misdirections in this, but you have to get this part understood to understand Jeb Bush.
It was the Cold War, and President Ronald Reagan had a key policy of undoing Soviet expansion in the American Sphere, and in dealing with Iranian terrorism started by Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski. This would come to be known as Iran Contra, a mix of appeasing Iran with weapon sales, and the funding overtly being given to the Contra Freedom Fighters against the Sandinista communists of Nicaragua.
Ronald Reagan never signed off on any of this. Oliver North was running the operations, but he was George H. W. Bush's man and not Ronald Reagan's. That is why Nancy Reagan hated North, as North thought it was a great plan of Iranians paying for missiles and the money funding Contras which democrats in Congress would not fund.

This is where it gets to the real criminality. See the Iranians were lied to in being told they were getting SAMS, surface to air missiles, in the HAWK system, but were told they were getting Super Hawks which could fly almost to outerspace. The Iranians were upset in being lied to and this began the unraveling of Iran Contra out of Lebanon being the source which leaked all this information to try to impeach Ronald Reagan....and replace him with George H. W. Bush who initiated all of this.

The criminality was the money for the Hawks from Iran. Like in every intelligence operation, there are criminal elements of the cartel. In this, it was the cocaine coming out of Columbia which was being traded for 1 M 16 plus clip for a kilo of coke.  There were two transhipping points in America for this. Bill Clinton's Mena Arkansas and where Jeb Bush was  overseeing things in Miami Florida.
There was so much dope coming into America that the price was being depressed locally, and a new point was opened up in Montana to increase traffic, but not assist in pricing.

This is where Roger and Bill Clinton were snorting kilos of coke and running whores in Arkansas, and opens the situation where in 1985, the Drug Enforcement Administration was fed intelligence that buyers were going to appear in Florida, at Tamiami Airport, in which as sting would be sprung.
Barry Seal, who was fringe, but was the operative who obtained the infamous Medellin drug cartel photo which President Reagan used in his war on drugs campaign, was part of this Miami sting.
The problem in this, was two boys flew in from Texas in a private jet to take their cut. Those two boys were videotaped. The names of the two were Jeb and George Bush.

This was the tape which Barry Seal would use to blackmail Vice President George H. W. Bush when a different faction sent in the IRS to deal with Seal. The Medellin cartel also had this tape for blackmail, and it is why the DEA war opened upon them.
During the HW presidency, he would invade Panama and remove dope launderer Manuel Noriega as that entire syndicate was replaced with another which was more pliable to what was being graduated to.

I am going to provide two examples of how the Bush family is not the bright, and it involves two assassinations.
The first was the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. The details do not matter of the reported second shooter, but what matters is John Hinkley the Lee Harvey Oswald character in this, was of the Hinkley family which was in bed with the Bush family.
Investigative reporter Jack Anderson fingered the Iranians in this, and the entire story was shut down. The point in this was, those behind this operation tied the can to the tail of the Bush family in pointing at them for the Reagan assassination. Yes HW set up a coup against Reagan later in Iran Contra, but someone decided to point the finger at HW just for leverage.
It was the same with the hit on Barry Seal. His name was leaked to the Columbians who did the deed, as was intended. The car was swept by operatives, but by miracle in the trunk of Seal's car was the phone number of Vice President George H. W. Bush.

There has always been this inner game with the Bush family. When  George W. Bush became President, the first thing which took place were stories posted concerning Timothy McVeigh of the OKC bombing operation. The message was sent, W paid off, and the blackmail stopped.

In all of these examples, it simply reveals the Bush family are not that adept as someone is always involving them in heinous crimes which are guilt by association. That is what happens when you run operations and the competition enjoys making you a target to blackmail.

You have to understand the layers in this also. Like the other dope shipping point now expanded by the Obama regime in southeast Asia. That is the golden triangle of opium production and introduces American Hero Beau Gritz and his connection to Ross Perot. I will touch on this as it all matters in Richard Armitage who was Colin Powells minder, and set up Plamegate to impeach Dick Cheney and then force out George W. Bush for the installation of Colin Powell, was the dope lord of this operation in overseeing it all for financing intelligence operations.
Gritz was fed information on those missing POW's from Vietnam. Ronald Reagan had a focus upon bringing these boys home, and what became involved in this was Perot funding Gritz for a rescue operation. The POW's were moved before the operation, but what is hidden in all of this is the POW's were "bait" in order for Armitage to be managing this dope syndicate for profit. Ronald Reagan had many patriotic ideas, but the cartel had other ideas about the dope trade.
Were there POW's left in Vietnam? Yes there were, and they were kept back as a human shield to keep Americans from running operations again in Vietnam. There were also John McCain type collaborators and they stayed behind willingly. That kind of embarrassment was something no one wanted, so it all just died except for the dope trafficking.

This is part of what Ross Perot was so furious about in running 3rd party to destroy H. W. Bush, as this was a criminal syndicate which a patriot like Perot was not going to put up with. Perot got what he wanted in humiliating HW to a second term.
The reason Perot has never been Howard Hughes'd is because Perot has the fail safes in evidence which will appear and he has enough Vulcans around to avenge his murder. It is a double edged sword, Ross is checkmated to keep his family safe and they leave Perot alive to keep the evidence buried.

I desire you to assess this now in the FOX operation against Donald Trump, in what you witnessed and how this all operates illegally behind the scenes as you are manipulated, and sometimes people end up like Andrew Breitbart for threatening the status crime.

Jeb Bush is a party to crime, but not smoking gun crimes. He lets Terri Schiavo be tortured to death in murder, when her family is begging for custody as her "husband" who evidence reveals probably choked her to that invalid state, and is now sexing another woman, has Terri murdered.....as Jeb stands around looking leader like in having sympathy for this woman.

All of that money from dope did not just go to intelligence operations, but to political campaigns. These banks were taking immense cuts, as was Panamanian banks......same central American banks which bankrolled Obama and Obama opens up Cuba which was the hub of this entire dope network. Those in the White House set up their own syndicates as rewards. Obama runs al Qaeda and ISIS dope cartels and the Bush family was running other syndicates.

That is the moral of this story. Jeb Bush is not like his half Mexican or whole Mexican wife. He does not leave traces of his crimes in police reports or Customs arrests. Instead there is Jeb's plausible deniability. His memory fails him in stories his dope mates retell in school of Bush being a bully and a pot head.

What I am trying to bring you to understand is, yes there skeletons in the closet as old man Bush threatened Bill Clinton with, but like in JFK's assassination, there have been so many counter intelligence operations to discredit the sources and the writers, that the fog is what protects Jeb Bush from prosecution or the realization in the public's mind, like his children and Mexican wife, that they are absolutely guilty, whereas with Jeb there are no police reports.

That is why the Donald Trump operation at FOX with these billionaire bullies is so important. You saw it. you saw the operatives, and you can trace the criminal acts to the actual faces of Roger Aisles, Megyn Kelly, Rupert Murdoch and Jeb Bush, even if Jeb was by design again standing around looking innocent.
Erick Erickson is part of this criminal tampering with an election as is Carly Fiorina.

This is how you find Justice in this. You make it too expensive for these billonaires to keep Jeb around, and to not physically assassinate Donald Trump. Make them believe they will lose too much in your revolting if anything happens to Donald Trump, and then the real deal can be worked out by a President Donald Trump, as none of your candidates are going to retaliate either because they are part of this syndicate or are too blackmailed and stupid.

You are not going to get Jeb Bush in prison, but you will get him out of the White House, and the round up of Roger Ailes and others as the lower level operatives will so taint the Bush family, that the psychotic stalker of Jewish girls, Jorge Prescott Bush will be ended as a president of any American nation.

The Bush syndicate has always been on the fringe in Prescott Bush was the bag man for the financiers who were employed by the Rothschilds and their conduits in America of the Morgans, Warburgs and Rockefellers. This is how they operated. Being on the fringe of the big table and snacking off the table after the lords and priests have dined.

The Bush family gets to take over Texas oil for the cartel. They get to run dope operations for the cartel. They get their cut being that intelligence and political connection, like John McCain, but never sit at the big table, like image Obama. They are the public faces which receive the adoration they feed on, while the feudal lords, muse themselves of all of us as the sheep of their pasture.

The more people who can enjoin the conversation of the unbalanced reality of  the Jeb Bush family, the reality is he will be ostracized from American politics, as this in need of validation Bush is married to a third world money whore.....it is why Jeb married a Mexican as he did not want a wife, but a servant to order around...and these children are the product of this dysfunctional family acting out in self medication or obsessions.
None of this belongs anywhere near power or nuclear buttons.

Jeb Bush is the Obama type, he thinks he can intellectually muscle the physical world, which never works as it always degrades into brute force as that is how this world operates. The high ideals of Woodrow Wilson, but soon enough getting Americans and Germans slaughtering each other to enforce an ideal which is nothing but murder at an intellectual level.

It would be wonderful if there were police files on Jeb Bush, but he does not do things that way, as someone has always been wiping his ass for him, so he can look above it all. What you have is his operation of election tampering as the smoking gun, and be assured, that there is more of this coming the longer you keep Jeb Bush and this unbalanced family around.

Later, he told the newspaper, he smoked hashish with the future governor while the two of them listened to the song "Magic Carpet Ride."

“The first time I really got stoned was in Jeb’s room,” Tibbetts told the Globe. “He had a portable stereo with removable speakers. He put on Steppenwolf for me.”

“I drank alcohol and I smoked marijuana when I was at Andover,” Bush told the Globe. “It was pretty common.”

The real evidence is classified and numbers of people were neutralized. It is in Pegasus, Archer Teams and NSDD-3.

Having revealed the framework of the authorising Presidential Directives necessary for the conduct of these covert operations, Tatum then details the nitty-gritty of the OSG.  “I was an operative for OSG from April, 1986 through January, 1992.  When I was operating under the authority of the OSG I would report directly to the OSG, not to the CIA or DIA.  This ‘secret government’ apparatus, built by Bush from 1981 to 1986, was able to draw upon assets from the CIA, the DOD Special Operations Units, and the private sector.  Using the private sector clause, Don Gregg, VP Bush’s National Security Advisor, included a representative from British Intelligence and Israeli Intelligence.  To date I have called this group Pegasus in an attempt not to divulge it’s true identity until I was on safe ground. 

You will never convict Jeb Bush on his roll in the above, and if it is attempted, you would be Breitbarted. There is a reason for expanding the Trump pluribus and why I am moved to do what I do, to try and save each of you.