Saturday, August 8, 2015

Carly Fiorina's Bush Beans & Blondes


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My children, did I not tell you and the brats that all of these 1000 candidates running for President in the GOP were put up to it, by the cartel in order to fracture the GOP just as it did for McCain and Romney, so Jebus Bush could be anointed for the GOP ticket?

Now we see the scripted reality of Carly Fiorina, set out in the lower deck to gnash Donald Trump, without Mr. Trump there to defend himself and expose her, while Rand Paul was doing the girly gnash on Mr. Trump in the upper deck.

The Mockingbird knew that ........oh by the way, it was SOMEONE WHO TWEETED TO MR. TRUMP and not Donald Trump who said that much about Megyn Kelly......and who shows up on Trump's page but minder Carly Fiorina, trashing Donald Trump again.

I will remind you about Watergate and Plamegate in how the cartel left operates. Richard Nixon never had a thing to do with Watergate as George W. Bush never had a thing to do with Plame, but were drawn into it, just as Donald Trump was "drawn in" to this by someone elses Tweet, ALL DESIGNED BY Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina to siphon off the woman's vote from Mr. Trump.

Look my children and my brats, when the federal police state can arrest three Carolinians over Jade Helm preparations as a "conspiracy" it is just as criminal what Carly Fiorina, Megyn Kelly, FOX and Jeb Bush carried out to submarine Donald Trump. It is illegal to conspire to tamper with the election process, and that is what Carly Fiorina just was involved in with FOX in this scripted set up.

Fiorina is a Bush maul pure and simple. She is a minder and was sent out to trash Donald Trump, and you can bet she is going to be moved up to the upper deck. I fully believe that in the next debacle it will be Fiorina on one side and Paul on the other, interrupting and screaming at Donald Trump, as Jeb Bush once again is made to look "presidential".

This group I have warned all of you is intent on stopping Mr. Trump in political assassination or they will murder him in March of 2016 in a real assassination, if you keyboard pansies do not start raising enough hell about this in making this common knowledge.
You do not have to be a Trump supporter, because if they get Donald Trump, your candidate is shit to the wind already, as you will notice that Ted Cruz never mentioned one word about what FOX did to him. If you can not see this, then just read the blog and believe it, as your lives are the ones at stake here literally. This has to be stopped as there are no more chances in this.