Saturday, August 8, 2015

Stop being Jeb Bush's bitch

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder how dense the readers of this blog are along with the other vulvas when I keep telling you that this blog pulls you out of the abyss when you keep jumping back into it.

Take Megyn Kelly, a twat for the feudal capitalist, a whore for Rupert Murdoch, was paid along with the other pussies at FOX to set up Donald Trump. If you do not believe me that Megyn Kelly is a whore, then do a search of her flashing her twat in upskirts on her program in order to get fucking lesbians and little pervs in their basements to tune into her porn.

So this whore of the establishment takes orders to bring down Donald Trump, meaning to put all of your asses into the concentration camp execution chambers, Donald Trump slaps the bitches down, and who rides in, but another political prostitute for Jeb Bush in Carly Fiorina.

Wow is this not great, two prostitutes among the nice women, and who are the women rallying around, but the fucking whores, instead of the man being hooked by them for  their pimps!

Carly Fiorina exposed exactly what she is. She has been Jeb Bush's female handler to herd all of you twats into line for Bush. Do not be offended by this in your being called a twat, as you are not a voter, you are not a woman, you are not even female. You are an appendage of genitalia which thinks as a sex organ, and just like those pissy bitches in high school who ran herd over all the other girlies and boys who got out of line in bitching at them, that is exactly what you are.
You are a twat. You do not deserve to vote. You do not deserve a vote, because you are a twat, an appendage of the Rovians being masturbated to cum on command for lesbian orgasm in these whores for the feudal state in Carly Fiorina and Megyn Kelly.

But it gets better, as now we have Donald Trump actually being attacked again by the twat patrol for calling out Pamela Gellar for being wrong. Let's see, Gellar drew a line in the asphalt, lured in a couple of deranged Obama Muslims, which SWAT murdered.
Donald Trump said it was not intelligent, which it was not, but if you twat posse have a problem with hauling an attention whore like Pamela Gellar out of the street, so she does not get all of you shot up in one of her stunts.........then by all means show you got some balls the size of Donald Trump, and start posting on Obama ISIS sites and get ready for a visit, because your condemning Donald Trump as a man, and backing Pamela Gellar, because you both have pussies, means you agree that making yourself and others a target of Muslim and getting them assassinated, is a smart thing..........and of course you will not mind standing before Jesus, another man with balls, to be Judged on whether you have blood on you hands over those dead Muslim idiots.......WHO ARE EXACTLY LIKE YOU IN HAVING THEIR CHAINS YANKED AND REACTING.

Yes, you are not an American. You are a reactionary. Do not delude yourselves into thinking you are like Davy Crockett.....sorry another man with balls, at the Alamo with other Americans and Texicans, because by your ability to be herded and stampeded by Jeb Bush and his twat posse.......
I will repeat that one, you people attacking Donald Trump, are more stupid than Jeb Bush.

Let that soak in, as I repeat that you are not bright enough to not be ruled by your emotions and Jeb Bush just yanked your chain using women who knowingly manipulated you, to get a female reaction out of you.

Are you proud of all of those things your keyboard has been raving and ranting about now, beings you are exposed in being more stupid than that moron Jeb Bush?

Oh and what was Jeb Bush doing today? Why Jebpanzee was calling Donald Trump by the Obama name. Wow the same Jeb Bush who in 2008 said all of you had to be more like Obama....and now Bush in  trash  talking, when Rinse Priebus and Jeb were just calling for civility..........well they hauled out their rotten crotch Fiornia and Kelly to do the name calling, and then followed up after you twats trashed trump, with the verbal assault.

I will state this again as it does not soak in. There is only one of me doing this work. I am in the wire and people are trying to murder me and put me into prison. I do not have time in the distractions of your jumping into the propaganda abyss ever few hours to save you. So GROW THE HELL UP or at least let the adults do the thinking and you stop being a reactionary twat.

You should be ashamed of yourselves, because why is it that Hillary Clinton, the Rockefeller minder of Bill Clinton, can stand there and take Obama shit, Limbaugh shit, Dowd's shit, and every one elses and she does not need a herd of twats to run interference for her. Why the hell do these whores on the right like Megyn Kelly need another whore like Carly Fiorina to back her up? Why the hell are they not of the same metal as Hamrod? No, these leg spreaders on the right, they need a twat posse and all of you twats on a witch hunt against Donald Trump to save these weaklings.
..............and who in the hell is left after your whores who led you into the Bush brothel to crucify Donald Trump? Why it is your pimp Jeb Bush.

I am telling you, you fuck this up sisters, and by God I am not going to let any of you forget it, in how damned stupid you are, male and female, in being manipulated by Jeb Bush. You will deserve a Russian, Chinese and Mexican invasion raping you, your children and your dogs, as you fucked this up when it counted, and you are responsible for it all, not Donald Trump.

Grow a pair of ovaries. Wash yourselves of that whore smell of Fiorina and Kelly, and get on your hind legs and start at least acting like women with something behind your face other than an emotional chore Jeb Bush can ring and get you to react like Pavlov's dog.

That is the advice, stop being Jeb Bush's bitch.

I do not get paid enough for this disgusting job.