Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chicanese Tianjin Explosion


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not desire to deal with this as the Mockingbird is just not up to par too much as of late. The attacks on Donald Trump being a complete disaster by this expensive operation of the elite.

This is about Tianjin in China, which has run to the fringe with planted stories of the "conspiracy" fires that this was a US space based weapon which blew up that factory. It would have been easier with a few pounds of C 4, but why not make it Star Wars to appeal to the Steve Quayle half wits cloaking all their money whoring in Jesus.

Never mind on that, just going to address it for what it was. It was China being China in you mix large volumes of chemicals and leave them sitting in large volumes in a warehouse and they go BOOM sometimes. I hate coincidence but the Chinaman mines blowing up too, was just Chinaman mines blowing up.

There was a spike in the matrix on the space weapons  though, but emotion does that in people thinking they have exclusives in posting things.

That is about all this requires as it is a non story.........better story would have been Muslim terrorists blew it up, but then ISIS Obama is too busy trying to lop off fictional heads again in videos, not to sweep in and look powerful in taking credit for this blow up.
Is the problem with this Obama regime tainting everything........all these culls have diluted the pool, and the operations have lost their edge.
Could have at least made it giant Muslims having been released from China coal miners striking a giant city......and the US Star Wars zapped them before evil Dr. Fungspermia could clone them all to take over the world. That would have pleased the fledge heads........probably got two books off of it and 6 appearances on George Noury's Coast to Coast Obama AM

Shoo now and go onto something that matters...........like Mad Dwarfs being released by Chinese minors from the mad dwarf city, rallying behind Midget Columbo Bush to take over the world and Chinese PLA blew the place up before they could build.........the Midget Bomb.

Maybe I should write books about killer midgets.......little buggers you never suspect a midget now do you.

nuff said