Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2016 Election Inquiry


Editor's Note: This is raw data. I shared this with Captain Kirk, but cautioned that this is a resonant wave of the matrix when I inquired.

I am concluding, not by anything special in me, but I have changed the time line which was forming, by what I have posted here. My intention to attempt to keep Donald Trump alive, is something which appears to have been accomplished. Other things I did not consider could be disrupted in Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush being negated.

This is raw data. You have to understand this, as the matrix is always in a liquid flux. I do not know if by posting this, if I will change the events and people again or what the situation will be. This is not my Prophesying nor predicting this is in stone. This is revealing what the matrix is and if you are too dense to comprehend that, there are numerous sites which appeal to dinosaur brains.

Note to Mike B. It all helps. Thank you and God bless you and everyone else who is out there in your goodness. Everything helps from prayers to offers of possessions. I do not waste a penny of what any one has ever donated. Not spent a penny on anything extravagant, as I am still trying to save every cent for some kind of piece of land to bunker down on. I had to upgrade to a higher grade of internet, but Homoland found me again, and yesterday blew my anti virus, and has of today been cutting off connections for a download in constant "errors". I should be running at least 128 Mb a second, and to let you know I was watching a download running at 15 k a second. I have a great deal of company and there are orders to interfere with me every moment of the day in stopping what I am doing.

some raw data as of a day and a half ago.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Captain Kirk asked a question.

Inquiry points to Hillary Clinton will not be assassinated over Hillarynet. Inquiry points to Elizabeth Warren will get into the race, and will beat Hillary Clinton.

I sort of apologize for things as..........I sort of changed the time lines in things. Splashing about in the waves causes disruptions.

There has not been a deal worked out, but an "understanding" of retaliation the family group within the faction who is watching Donald Trump's back. The March event has at this point vanished.
I dislike it that the Lame Cherry produced the matrix scenario for a fatal ending for Mr. Trump, and suddenly all were chattering about it......that does goof the matrix too, but as of this date, his signature carries on.

This points to a Donald Trump as President.

Inquiry points to Donald Trump will not pick a woman as Vice President, therefore he picks a man. Let me inquire to see if I can find the VP pick............

Oh, the Vice President has already been decided upon. He already has the cabinet picked too.

Ok am inquiring......

Hey what is it like to read this in real time as I am typing this not knowing eh? Just like you eh?


Ok I will stop pissing around........


Rand Paul.........no

Jeb Bush.......no

Carly Fiorina.........no....yeah not a guy.

Marco Rubio........yes.

Ted Cruz.........no.

George Pataki........no.

Chris Christie........no.

Mike Huckabee........no.

OK I quit as you are not paying attention in knowing it is Marco Rubio.

Mr. Trump has already discussed this. Rubio was supposed to be Jeb Bush's choice. When Jebus started attacking Rubio, that is when the deal was struck.

It will be a Trump Warren race the inquiry points to. No third party.

Inquiry points to Donald Trump and Marco Rubio win 67% of the vote, a landslide.

Trump wins New York, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, Virginia......not California.

Some force is really resisting this inquiry at this point.....does not want Donald Trump winning by the number of states I am inquiring for.

Back to it.

Trump wins 39 states.

Colorado no, New Mexico yes..........I don't care really as waiting on the big donation.

Oh......inquiry says something about Hillary Clinton being incapacitated sometime in 2017.

Time lines.....right today and who knows about tomorrow eh.