Friday, August 7, 2015

Cold Blooded Chicken Assassin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I learned some things today which will come in handy in a revolution.

See I got these Cornish X chickens. They are big mothers. Grow so fast they are cripples really and you do them a favor in killing them.
So these chickens are like mean ass things. Got a few of them which are picking on others all the time and trying to do sodom things to other chickens protesting it all.

You know like Obama and Roberts ass raping America.

See most chickens do not care. Just lay around and squawk getting pecked on or rode, and never fight back.

Thing is with chickens though I am the wild card in I catch them, put them in a cage to empty their crops, so they are not filthy when killing them, and I hang them up and cut their heads off like them Muslims do in fake ISIS movies.

OK here is the lesson. So like I am hanging the chickens up by the feet to cut their heads off, and I notice them paper wasps got a nest in Mom's clothes line pole.
I do not have a great deal of experience with them. Mud Daubers yes, but they never attack really, and the pretty black wasps just light on you and never bother.

So like I am hanging this chicken up, and this damned hornet attacks me. First time in my life I ever have been stung. And I hurt. Felt like someone whacked me with a hammer and that was not a great thing as I had chickens to butcher.

So I get some Raid and give it a shot into the tube and that gets their attention, and I go on the way in cutting chicken heads off, battling the hordes of flies trying to lay eggs on the birds to know like the hordes of Mexicans laying them anchor baby eggs feeding on your ass steaks cannibal style.

So we get to getting the chickens butchered, cut up, gutted....not in that order, and in the water soaking the blood out and cooling.

Oh this is important listen up to the Lame Cherry million dollar knowledge.

We have been buying chicken in the grocery. Dot my now dead cousin remarked a few years ago, how all those damned chickens had blood in them. We noticed that too, and I just did not have it figured out, but now I do.
See in chicken gut factories that Mexicans work in, they hang chickens on a conveyor to bleed out. That is what hanging a chicken and cutting it's head off does. No black meat blood cooked up in the pan looking like the plague.

That is what puzzled my posterior in this, in I could not figure this out until yesterday.

See these big chickens are crips. Had one that was so awkward it kept rolling onto it's back and just laying their kicking in the air.........yeah and yesterday it was laying there dead after I checked it an hour later. I have had satan murdering enough stuff around here, so I butchered it.
That is when it hit me. I was watching PBS and those damned Mexicans kicking these crippled chickens like footballs as Mexicans are mean ass sons of bitches, no matter how much Jeb Bush Mexican lingos them words out, Mexicans are mean ass critters and have to be as they grew up having Apache and Comanche eating them and no white Spaniard gives a shit about no dark skinned peon.

ALL OF THOSE CHICKENS you are gnawing on at the grocery, which have blood in them, have not been bled out. That means they have died in transit on the semi trucks to the slaughter houses, and are picked up, butchered with the blood pool in them, and sold to you as farm fresh chicken.

Yes your hundred million dollar chicken industry is selling you chickens which should be cat food.
Now that you know that tasty tid bit, let us continue on.

So I get done butchering with TL, and off I go hornet hunting with the Raid. I give it another shot, and I get attacked again...........stung twice more, but I am like the robo guns in Alien II, I just keep on spraying fire until the enemy goes tits up.
Yes I hosed it down with my now throbbing two stung hand, and those hornets glom on like grasshoppers of Megyn Kelly showing her pussy in crossing her legs for those moralist FOX viewers who got a lesson last night in who she is really whoring for.

So you got in this lesson.......chickens which are Americans being ass raped by other bigger powerful Americans, and just squawking about it not doing a thing. I come along and cut the heads off the big testicle culprits, and in doing so, I get terrorized by regime police state hornets, which I hosed down too. In the meantime, I sent out a flood of water to get rid of the plague carrying Mexican flies, and went back in to clean up the police state problem.

See that is what today was, practice. It is a lesson you children better learn with the brats in what you are, how you are going to have to hit in a revolution, get hammered back and double down to cure the problem.
That is what the American Rangers did to Indians and it is what the Texicans did to Indians and Mexicans to clean this all up, so you could eat your Chic fil Palin nuggets, thinking all of this happens just by accident.

I am thinking I like being stung by hornets. It sort of stings now delightfully, not painful, except some shooting pains which just are sort of stimulating. It is the defect of my nature in I like being hit, as it stimulates me to hit back harder, and keep going even after that whiney bastards wants me to quit after the skin was filleted off and being sewed back on.......

Did I say that? Guess I must have heard that somewhere in the Mexicans skinning chickens.

I had this bone playing, "Bad to the Bone" on his ringtone which was annoying me. I just walked away thinking, "Yes I am pleased you will be part of the fodder for the regime in depleting their ammunition and drone kill shots".

More practice to come, as all the chickens aren't dead, like those hornets and flies.