Friday, August 7, 2015

The Beast Trains


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The 21st century western liberal is oft quoting 'never again' in reference to the propaganda of heinous Nazi's in their genetic experiments, holocaust camps and world domination, under the guise of Adolf Hitler whose party was the political workings of the Rockefeller foundation in academia in league with the Vatican.

There is great profit in an Ashkenaz Jew such as Stephen Speilberg making his Schindler's List and Schindler's Last for more profits, in gas chambers and death trains. Yet when I as a Christian Conservative behold the massive donations which Mr. Speilberg bestows upon a crowd drawing icon like Barack Hussein Obama and his latter images, I see things which do not make sense.
  • Why is it evil when a Nazi transports millions of Jews to work enslavement from one nation to another and the Obama regime is cheered when it transports millions of Mexicans and Latins into America on Warren Buffett trains for work enslavement.
  • Why is it evil when a Nazi as Joseph Mengele does genetic experiments on inmates and when Planned Parenthood does this to millions of aborted babies, it is called a right of the Obama voters.
  • Why is it that when Adolf Hilter rampages through Europe and the Mideast he is a monster, but when Barack Hussein Obama and his images rampage through Europe and the Mideast he is heralded with premature Nobel Peace Prizes.
  • Why is it when the Rockefeller foundation installs Adolf Hitler, the Rockefellers share no blame, but Hitler is a pariah, but when the European Rothschilds install Berliner Obama in America, they share no blame, as Obama is the blameless messiah and deemed historical, for accomplishing far worse than what Adolf Hitler ever attempted.
Is the genocide of Jews a worse thing by Adolf Hitler, compared to the genocide of Americans, both white and black by Barack Obama and his images.

It is not history which is written by those who have the weapons of the police state, but it is the present and the past. Adolf Hitler predicted if he failed that he would be the most hated man in history. Barack Obama never predicted anything which was scripted for him, because who would have ever dreamed a scenario of what the reality of Barack Hussein Obama Chin is.

  • Barack Obama never invaded other nations, instead he set the diversion in process called peace, so that America would be invaded by his Mexican illegals.
  • Barack Obama never initiated a lend lease program, but simply looted the US Treasury and handed out trillions to European aristocracy.
  • Barack Obama never needed a Hitler or a Stalin to undo America, as he undid America from within, using the very system against the people in criminalizing them, as he aborted the black race and sodomized the white race.

It was evil the programmes which Adolf Hitler initiated to save Germany in using warfare. What Barack Obama has initiated is not warfare, but a social policing action against Americans for the expressed purpose of their annihilation in a generation, but it is never spoke of as evil.

The Lame Cherry defines Barack Hussein Obama, his benefactors, his minders, his mandates, his laws, as evil. Evil against mankind and evil against God. This entire Obama regime is resident evil.
It is stunning to watch a massive conditioning program which is so effective. The Germans handed out orange marmalade so Jews would turn themselves in, but Obama regime handed out only an illusion to the 60 million in America and the 40 million illegals, and all of them smiled happily in wanting so much to believe the lie and not their demise.

I am perplexed by the delusions and deceptions of this, in how this satanic ruse was so chosen by millions of people who so wanted to believe this, so they chose being blinded to the evil which was fostered from within them. The world has witnessed Neros, Caligulas, Hitlers and Stalins and yet never again always becomes always again.

Always again, and again, it is the darkness inside the Obama voters spreading that shroud of evil to conjure that destroyer which beats inside their hearts in every pulse.

Every pulse and the beast trains keep bringing those to the Obama hell in this life, because they are too much the cowards to depart there on their own for the next death.