Monday, August 10, 2015

Cop Rot

As another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.

Let us just keep this a manageable number in only listing the Americans killed / murdered by the American police state seven months into the year, as 570.
We do not want the numbers cluttered in women in Texas somehow "dying" while in custody or women on San Francisco docks shot with "misplaced" federal BLM firearms stolen by Mexican terrorists.......yes let us just keep the number at 570 as that is manageable. In the range of the times Birther Hussein played golf or had vacations.

For those who think this is a Ferguson Missouri or Baltimore Maryland Nigger problem, sorry Afroid problem, sorry African American problem......sorry as a dead spook or a dead created in the image of God is still dead no matter what title one bestows upon them.
It would appear that the Obama police state is equal opportunity, affirmative action in murdering, sorry killing Americans, as it is busy "protecting and serving".

Who knew in the Age of Obama that the police moto, "to protect and serve" would evolve to "to protect the police state and serve the image of Obama's murderous regime".

58 of the people were unarmed. One was shot in the head for not having a license plate on his car. The breakdown was 22 were Blacks, 14 Hispanics and that would leave 12 were White.

The US police force has been trained and federalized for a generation. They are taught SWAT protocols of every Citizen is the enemy and every situation is to be met with force, in the "pray and spray" the hit something as they shoot to kill.

What is interesting in the statistics is 1/3rd were exhibit mental illness. That means that people who were not in their right minds numbering 190 people, who needed help were simply just gunned down by the Obama police state.
Half of the killings or murders were of a group of males in their prime of life, now being prime fodder for decomposition.

I am not saying that all of these shootings were murder. I am stating though that one murdered American is one murdered American too many, in an age of tasers, flash grenades and bean bag guns. Then again one of the "statistics" in this 570 Americans was a very elderly male, who was confused, that I believe a Black or is that Afroid or is that African American or is that Nigger cop shot at point blank range with bean bag gun and murdered the old boy. See it is odd, that when it is a cop blasting your Grandpa to death, it does not matter if he is a Negroid, Afroid, Africian American or a Nigger, as Gramps is just as dead.

This blog called for the disarming of all police in America, and putting them all on foot. Cops without guns and no cars are not going to be murdering Americans, which is far too common now. There are no longer the safeguards involved to weed out the psycho cops, as they are not just getting through, but the federal regime is training them.

I like this little gem in law un enforcement. Do you remember that vial which is taped to my stop sign on my road? I reported it to the state authorities, who reported it to the county sheriff, who I saw cruise past four months ago. They did not do a damn thing about it.
In the meantime, I know by my own investigation who is doing this meth drop. Same family who is burning cookies on all the roads around here, and gee same family whose one son is a meth head and same family  whose other son is in the penitentiary. Probably why their "business" which does no business is doing so well, as it is hauling in meth for sale from out of state, as that is where their family is.
Interesting thing is though in this, the main highway here, the state dicks are fining people non stop for speeding.......but they just can not get the drug traffic stopped.

It is the case of the police state. Some crimes are welcome revenue generators for bribes, and that leaves time to rob people in traffic stops and to shoot Citizens, because "officer is having a bad day as they have not raped someone or had their coke snort from the stash they busted a few weeks ago".

I just thought I would share this out of control police state. See Beau Snerdly can bitch about this to the Whitey Limbaugh hosts and they could care less as it is Niggers. The difference is under the Obama regime, that target practice is equally finding the Caucasians in being glared at and murdered too.

I again call for the disarming of the American police state. They can have their tasers to murder people with and their bullet proof vests, to protect the donut shops they hide out in. Other than that, let the armed Citizens police themselves free from these damned inquiries and prosecutions. Armed society is polite society and a whole lot cheaper and healthier for the Citizens not paying all these taxes or paying for funeral services.

Over 3 people were killed or murdered by police in your communities across America in July alone. It is chilling to note this fact, that in 2014 eight inmates were executed by the various States in Obamamerica. In that same period of time, 4,309 inmates died in police custody from various reasons from illness to suicide.
For those who support capital punishment, it is running wild in America, but the problem is the murderers and child rapists are not the ones being put into positions for the final solution.

The numbers show the American police state of the Obama regime is out of control. It is terrorizing Americans, instead of protecting them. There is not any of us who do not cringe at the sight of a cop now. This is not a US Marshall Matt Dillon world any more. This is Psycho Cop.

As this cop rot continues on, below is a photo of Chad Oulsen who was texting his little girl before a movie started, and an enraged cop murdered him for it.