Monday, August 10, 2015

Jeb Bush jr. AKA Skinhead Bush

                       SKINHEAD BUSH

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Perhaps after the revelations of Noelle Bush was a three time dope head criminal in the Florida penal system, only bailed out by having Uncle George as President and daddy Jeb as Governor............

......and George Prescott Bush, AKA Jorge Bush, being a serial stalker of young Jewish girls for almost two years and terrorizing Miama neighborhoods, and only bailed out by having Uncle George as President and daddy Jeb as Governor in waiting............

and mamasita Corumba, an international criminal arrested by US Customs for import violations, and once again only bailed out know the Bush cabal of intimidation ruining Conservatives across the United States, that it might begin to dawn on your wee  minds that you just do not see the Jeb Bush children or senora around the campaign they are all unbalanced degenerates.

But wait, there is more to come in the namesake of Jeb Bush in  Jeb Bush jr. AKA SKINHEAD BUSH.
Yes Jeb Bush jr. also has a past involving police being summoned and arresting him too, like his brother, like his sister, like his thousands of that invading horde from Mexico that Jeb Bush just they breed good.

Enter the scene of 2005, of Jeb Bush jr. appearing on a Texas street drunk literally out of his mind.

The police report from the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission states that Bush jr. was raising so much hell at 2:30 AM on the morning of September 16th.......yes just a few years after 9 11, America in a death struggle with terrorists, and his Uncle being beseiged on all sides as President, and Jeb Bush jr. is so out of control that the police are summoned to rescue the community.

It becomes worse as events when moral people are at home and in bed staying out of trouble, unwind. The report states that Bush jr. was to the point of endangering himself and others.
To put that into layman's terms, Jeb Bush jr. was so out of his mind, that people as well as himself were in danger of being killed. If that had  taken place, that would be termed manslaughter or homicide.

It becomes worse as when Police attempt to deal with Bush jr., he begins throwing his weight around and thinking he is above the law, which translates into the actual charge of, resisting arrest. Yes Bush jr. got into a tussel with officers as they tried to handcuff him.

In this case, the Texas Law Enforcement and Courts were not intimidated nor in awe of the Bush power, as they hauled this drunken thug off to jail in Travis County, charging him with resisting arrest and public intoxication.
Bush jr. was released on bail of 2500 dollars.

And what was the reaction to Governor Jeb Bush and his Mexican wife, Corumba?


The parents sent out a government spokeswoman named Alia Faraj, yes sounds like the Mideast and this is the same spokeswoman who oversaw the spin in the murder of Terri Schiavo in Florida. I digress.........but the quote is:

"Governor Bush and First Lady Bush are concerned about this incident. This is a personal family matter which they are dealing with privately."

Concerned over the "incident". No this was like the doper daughter and stalker son, a criminal act which is not a personal family matter nor do the courts allow people to deal with this privately, unless of course it is tampering with the courts which is criminal.

That though is the saga of Skinhead Bush. The brother of Dope Head Noelle and Stalker Jorge, all the children of.........Corumba the international smuggling criminal evading US Customs.

Now do you get why Jeb Bush is never pictured with his psycho family as he goes psycho political assassin on Donald Trump? This group if the world knew of what kind of degenerates they are, would be thrown out of the Republican party, as this is Teddy Kennedy raised from the dead.

Oh, and this is not over with yet in more information is coming.

Criminal Columba Bush 

Criminal Jorge Prescott Bush 

Criminal Noelle Bush

and who is missing ?????