Thursday, August 13, 2015

Donald's 20


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Wall Street Journal, or Obama Murdoch Looters Rag for Jeb published a poll which no one noticed or commented on, which this blog will. It has nothing to do with though Donald Trump's support among Republicans, but the little factoid included that 19% of Democrats would vote for Donald Trump.

Round that to 20% and I have a little reality for you, in Ronald Reagan never pulled 20% of the rabid radical leftist vote out of the Democratic Party for his landslides, and Donald Trump in early polling is doing just that.

I desire you to forget all the bullshit steering polls of Trump loses to all democrats, and Jeb Bush wins. That is bullshit and you know it as much as everyone else does, because Jeb Bush will never pull 1% of anything from democrats, as they will never vote for him, and that marginal middle will never make up the diffference for a Jeb win.....and that includes Jeb Bush is NEVER going to move a Republican majority to the polls in such numbers that e vote flipping by Hillary will steal the election, exactly as Birther Obama stole two elections from John McCain and Mitt Romney. 10 million missing GOP voters are that margin and Jeb Bush running for President is going to have more than that number staying at home again, and not pissed off to revolt when Hillary steals this or whoever is on the left.

I have not mentioned that but Donald Trump has a group which is American enough, who will revolt. Meaning taking up arms and installing his Presidency if the cartel tries to install another Obama.

We return now to the numbers, Donald Trumps 20% of democratic voters. Do you realize that 20% of the democratic group is around 12 million votes. That pretty well negates any Hillary vote e flipping theft.

Let us run the numbers, in Hillary has the 62 million Obama flipped votes. Donald Trump has already taken 12 million of those votes, bringing her down to 50 million.
Donald Trump has fire in his campaign, and if it continues through like Ronald Reagan, this is going to ignite the Tea Party which has proven it will elect Congressional majorities in every district. 5 million voters will therefore show up to the polls or not be voting as I did for the Constitutional Party, but for Donald Trump instead.
Now factor in the reality that Donald Trump is also pulling in female voters, women are worried about the economy, their families, and their future security. They look at Donald Trump and know he cares for his family and knows how to prosper in tough times. The college kids having been cheated by illegitimate Obama and the GOP, are flocking to Donald Trump to in hope. This is a group, along with the 32% Latino vote who are trending Donald Trump.

Now bring the tallies up, Hillary and Donald or Donald and whoever have a 50 million vote base. Donald has taken 12 million from the democrats, that is 62 million. Donald Trump begins siphoning off Latins, Women and College Kids, that is another 8 million.
Hillary Clinton does not gain one vote. That is why there is the move to dump Hillary in she is tanking horridly. The Presidential 2016 AD elections in the year of our Lord numbers tally runs Donald Trump 70 million votes with Hillary Clinton or whoever at 42 million.

The information is being kept from you that Donald Trump has changed thee entire political dynamic in being Big East. The elections have been geared for mega California and New York always going liberal, with Florida and Texas splitting GOP. Then there are the swing states.
Donald Trump as a native of New York, puts the gem state into play. Hillary is a carpetbagger, and everyone else is not New York. Donald Trump takes New York and that means he builds an Electoral College block which blocks all these imported Mexican invaders.

Donald Trump restacks the deck and he wins in swing states, swings the liberal gem state, and wins in both the general election and the electoral college, in a landslide.

This is why the democratic billionaires are trying to get that latte liberal of Starbucks into the race to counter Donald Trump. If Hillary is tanked, then when the economy tanks, Elizabeth Warren is to be moved into the front slot and latte is to be the Vice President. It is the best the liberal billionaires can tally in response as the insider tracking polls are projecting Donald Trump by these margins trouncing Hillary Clinton.

For those who want proof of this, that is what is behind the get Hillary campaign in all these investigations. Bernie Sanders was a straw fossil. He was supposed to rah rah the democruds at the bottom of the barrel that Reid and Pelosi hate as much as Boehner and McConnell hate the Tea Party, and in the primaries Hillary would kick his ass, and they would come back on leash. That though has not worked out, as Americans on the right and the left have had enough Obama rape up the ass, Mexicaniziation and gayphilia.

The dynasty dynamics have changed everything in the cartel has bitch slapped the American psyche too much. The people on the left who though that Nig Luv, Anus Sex and Baby Butchering would make them pleased in Obamacrypt paying for it all, have found they are still the unsaved miserable people they were, and they do not want any more of it, as people on the right never signed up to anal rape ever.
That is why Donald Trump is a draw. He fires people on television. He is a billionaire. He is handsome. He has a hot wife, hot ex wives, and pretty children and they all love him.
When people piss on Donald Trump, he unloads the sewer system on his detractors and buries them.

Donald Trump is the kind of rich Americans like. He earned it and he wants other people rich too, and not leashing them for their votes.

Donald's 20% of the democratic party puts him into the White House, because it is too large of motion that e vote theft will not work. His Tea Party is armed and will revolt if the election is stolen, as there is no way in hell Donald Trump will not drag this into court and fight it out, exposing it all. Donald Trump will take the GOP vote, as they are not going to vote for anyone else, and in this includes the Paulites and others who just want to believe in the American Dream, get rich and then feel not so guilty as Obama made them feel.

Donald's 20 I believe will expand against any democratic contender. The GOP elite like bitching about a 3rd party run as the idiot liberals salivate over Donald in the GOP or the 3rd party run.......thing is Donald Trump is devastating the democratic voter base in a greater extent than Ronald Reagan ever accomplished. Donald Trump is at the horizon point of turning the democratic party into a 3rd party like the Green Party. That is what Donald's 20 means.
Americans on the right and left stop voting for bullshit, and start voting in their own interests, instead of some fag dick up someone's ass or how to steal money from others for their sins, and Donald Trump is going to change the entire political landscape.

Donald's 20 has the opportunity to make him historical in Andrew Jackson or Ronald Reagan teflon imperialism in which great things could be accomplished for America and the world in taking America back for Americans.