Thursday, August 13, 2015

talking points for your response to political trolls

Lame Cherry talking points:

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We have all had to suffer through, not the Hillary Clinton trolls, but now the Jeb Bush trolls in the Jebcavers and these Ted Cruz Cruzlings, appearing in comments sounding for the tards they are. To assist your responses in shutting this bullshit spin down, the Lame Cherry presents your cut and post responses.

We have all heard now the "Donald Trump can't handle Megyn Kelly, so how can he handle Vladimir Putin". That line was plagiarized from the Lame Cherry, as it was so devastating to Jeb Bush, as my correct assessment was, "Jeb Bush loses it in a few moments around Donald Trump, so how can Jeb handle 4 years of Vladimir Putin".
Just post, "You stole that from Lame Cherry in, ""Jeb Bush loses it in a few moments around Donald Trump, so how can Jeb handle 4 years of Vladimir Putin". You Bush people are not only desperate, intellectual criminals, but stupid.

The best generic line to bust these people is in their attacks on whoever is, "Just admit you are going to vote for "Ted Cruz etc..." and this has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

If you care to bust them with more lilt post, "You are nothing but a troll for Bush like Megyn Kelly, put a tampon in it."

Dr. Ben Carson was mouthing off about he and Al  Sharpton being the same good guys accomplishing things, the reply to their supporters is: "Yeah Dr. Ben and Rev. Al take gay marriage to a whole new perverted level."

Scott Walker is still doing the tar pit sink. He is easy in, "Scott Walker did the same thing in massive debt to Wisconsin that Obama did to America."

Rick Perry is.......well he has no hired keyboard pansies to post things, so picking on a guy with a brain injury is not needed.

John Kasich is simple too in, "Kasich is so boring his daddy won't vote for him and is so ugly his mummy disowned him, but Obama loves him."

Jeb Bush revisited, "Bush is Obama's 3rd term."

Ted Cruz is fun, as his supporters and his Truthers are quite intense. The responses to Cruzlings are:

"We had made in Kenya and do not need made in Canada."

"If Cruz shared his wife Heidi with a brothel, would that make her a whore? So when Ted shared her with the Rockefeller CFR does that not make her a globalist for American destruction."

"Ted Cruz and hands out teddy bears to Mexican kids. When is the last time he did anything for American kids."

"How is that Cruzie, changy, Green eggs and hammy thing turnin' out for ya".

Marco Rubio: "He could be president of Cuba you know, like Obama could have legally been president of Kenya. How'd that work out for America."

Chris Christy: "We don't need a guy who is one donut away from cardiac arrest."

Bobby Jindahl: "I like Bobby Jindahl enough that I am voting for Donald Trump."

Carly Fiorina: "Carly Fiorina is so liberal, Huma gets confused when she is around in whether to crawl into bed with Hillary or Carly."

For Donald Trump, "I figure Mr. Trump will disappoint people sometime, but I know that he is going to disappoint the ruling elite all the time, that is why I am voting Trump!"

I am warning you trolls and Bush and Cruz campaigns, when you steal from me and attack the Lame Cherry, I come back and gut you like a fish, and I will not stop. I did not do it all alone, but once the Lame Cherry set about to dislodge Jeb Bush, Bush started at 24% and is now down to single digits. I have done this to Rush Limbaugh to Keith Olberman, to other political frauds now in ruin.
I will dog you till you drop and then worry your ass past screaming for mercy, so you and your quislings run in terror. I can do this to anyone and will turn on anyone who betrays America as Sarah Palin did.......and now no one cares what she grizz's about.

Each of you political frauds should have been smart in not antagonizing me or running unfair operations to smear Donald Trump. I will not stand for that. You should have instead donated, IR/ paid Lame Cherry off with a several hundred thousands or million dollar donation, as if I was out fishing.....I would not be here as a sapper in the wire, shaving your support to nil.

I was born in the brier patch and I like the death match. I come by this natural by God's Grace. I have not yet begun to fillet you. The Lame Cherry talking points and code words fill the world and I hear all of you repeating them, not even realizing it was Inspiration from God which moulded you to this way of thinking.

"I am in your minds, where you are unarmed. You have no idea who you are dealing with, as I put the ideas there that all your thoughts are formed around."

- Lame Cherry

"If your mama wouldn't spank your sorry ass, by God I will electronically to make you cower to behave".

- Lame Cherry

As I warned, best thing for these campaigns is to donate to the Lame Cherry by their fag lip billionaires and given enough money, I will go fishing................oh look at that my cursor is missing. Yes the NSA is upset the Lame Cherry just blew the Mockingbird talking points all their high priced minds took months to form..........and by God I did it in 20 minutes.

"On the Trump scale, your candidate is a lightweight." 

Notice I can do this all day for years on end........I have proven that.