Friday, August 28, 2015

Facebook Comments To Dread

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Some of you might remember the Bill O'Reilly article in which he was exposed as a wife beater. TL happened to post that on Facebook and the following is what was posted by "women". Yes women.


Yes women were defending Bill O'Reilly, claiming he was not a wife beater, because he only dragged his wife by the neck down the stairs.

What had me laughing in this was one woman said the article was great, but really biased.

Ah, I was supposed to write and article about the great attributes of Bill O'Reilly beating on women?

The reason for this post is Facebook is forever. Employers, government agencies, friends and people who hate you have access to all the idiocy which you post. Now the "defending wife beaters of" Michele Rubino - Minick and Trisha Patrick are forever recorded.
Worse yet, Trisha Patrick decided to try and bully TL in degrading TL, as well as myself.

The warning in this is for all of us, that none of us should be placing such vested interest in these Mockingbird shills who manipulate the masses. Bill O'Reilly and FOX, as is all media are paid to herd people, and when you have weak minds who attach themselves to famous people, they will stand there, as these two women did in defending literally a wife beater.

Cult of personality is a dangerous thing. It appeals who need to find validation in another powerful persona. That was the grip which the Designer Negro Obama held over mind intoxicated masses, and it proved a disaster for the world.

I will state this fact. Put your trust in Jesus, make Him your Foundation, and He will remain constant, and then assist you to deal with the rest of the world, so you do not end up defending wife beaters or what the Bible predicts of attaching yourselves to the anti Christ.

Do you think these two women if you asked them on Monday if they would be defending a wife beater that they would say they would? Not a chance, and yet on the internet here they are leaving a perpetual record of it and by the same reality I had people hammering me in defending the Americans who created the German Holocaust against Germans.

America is a great place, but not all Americans are good people. Most in power are heinous, and that is why they are in power. Put your confidence in God and do not get caught up defending the dregs of this world.

It is impossible to do this job with this perpetual reign of trolls who are Darwin candidates. They do not even realize in their luxury and comfort how the pen they are in is the slaughter pit by design. I am not pulling any of these people out as they are not my responsibility. I only am responsible in posting the facts, so I do not end up answering for these other sinners.

It would help if people who attack us, could at least know that O'Reilly is not spelled O'Rielly. They can not even spell as they eye roll and flip their hair.