Friday, August 28, 2015

The False Flag of Vester Lee Flanagan II


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Someone asked me at the beginning of the Vester Flannigan shootings if it really happened, and I replied that sometimes dead bodies are necessary for situations which take place.

Since then, there have been numbers of people who have found Twitter Time Stamps which do not match the shooting time and finding that the shooter had on a blue shirt, and that the photo of Flannigan at the shooting has him wearing a black shirt.

Like all of you I have watched the digital recording and you can see it broken down at Gaytube, in which it is obvious these people were not sneaked upon, as Alison Parker at one point turns and smiles at the person who is recording what we are witnessing, in acknowledging she knows the person and is not afraid of a 300 pound out of control stalker.
The time stamps on the video do not match the time of the shooting either, nor is there any way in the footage Flannigan is recorded, as only part of his body is seen in the footage.

I am not hear to argue nor point out what others have accomplished right or wrong. I only post things to reveal things in what I see.

What comes to my mind is Helter Skelter. Not the Beatles hit for those that old who will remember it, but a term which a fringe CIA MK ULTRA operative involved in the intelligence operations in California in the late 1960's in Charles Manson and his family. Helter Skelter was his term for his starting a race war, where blacks would rise up against their masters, and in the battle, it would be Charlie Manson who would rise to rule in the ashes.
That sort of sounds like Louis Farrakhan's call for a race war, and what the Obama regime has been stoking for two terms in wildings and black fury.

I am bringing up the historical contexts as this goes back to Mockingbird being unleashed to cover up the real story of the murder of John F. Kennedy.  In this era, the CIA funded dozens of books and crank theories to put before the public, which confused the masses, and hid the real operation. It was designed to overload the public to make them mock conspiracy theories, and it is still working in the 21st century.

That is what I desire to point out to all of you, whether you believe Flanagan was a false flag or a murder. There is a pattern in this from Sandy Hook, to the Boston Blow Job, to bin Laden's death, to Andrew Breitbarts murder, to the Charleston shooting and each of them have "something off" in them like Dan Rather's font was off in the smear against George W. Bush.
You have to remember that operation my children as to what Rather said. He knew the story was right, and that is why he bit on it. That story though in evidence was a fraud like Obama's birth certificates. In Rather's case that came right out of CIA Mexican control's family group of Bill Buckley.
Dan Rather was set up to protect a Bush family secret. It was not the first time the Bush family set up, as HW set Rather up to get his ass whipped on air live during the CBS evening news.

It is why the Lame Cherry has been featuring articles on Jeb Bush and the HW syndicate connection in using natural narcotics like scopolamine from South America to blackmail and get people to do what they never would. This mind control drug is one where the person is functional, follows commands and afterwards does not remember a thing what they have done. The effects can last for hours or days.

Scopolamine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Scopolamine , hyoscine also known as levo-duboisine or burundanga sold as Scopoderm, is a tropane alkaloid drug with muscarinic antagonist effects.

I will state it is ludicrous that people were bought off in this, and this shooting did not happen. Loose ends are something the shadowlands do not leave lying around. The people who would neutralize a former CIA Director is not going to leave some blonde or black trolling around to show up later.

Fact is usually a blend of what you see and what you are told. All of the above events have a pattern in someone with a great deal of advanced technology is leaving little Obama smiley faces on birth certificates to put people on edge in knowing they are being lied to.
This is psyops and it is deliberate. Operations are being run to ramp up public emotion and distrust for specific reasons, and that is why these events matter........and not the events.

You will notice events taking place which seem off. Then you will notice "evidence" appearing in detail which moves through the internet like a wave. Put it this way for Lame Cherry readers, you know the exclusives broken here, and you also know it takes months to years for the propaganda media to confirm what was broken here.............and yet all this evidence appears online in an instant and the "evidence" is detailed and well distributed.

That is what public mass mind control protocols operate as. What seems obsessive in this, is that for almost two terms, the Obama regime has been attempting to ignite a race war, and global travelers like Tim Rifat make a chant of race war sometimes in noting what is coming, and slowly the strange operations involving black on white crime and white on black crime, are making racial violence a norm......and every time the propaganda is exposed as misleading, causing a momentary diversion to something larger taking place.

The Obama regime is not this adept to run operations like this. This is outside their parameters as every time they have these professional conduct an operation, it ends up having the most ludicrous glitches appearing......and they are always pointed out.

Interviews are more difficult to make appear normal in people have to talk, but it is possible in the footage to ascertain that everyone has been exposed to a mind control agent, to stand there to be shot as whoever it was looming among them.
It is possible to tell a reporter that someone will approach you, they are a friend, just keep doing the interview and she will smile at whoever it is pulling a gun, as much as someone interviewed to be told to focus on the reporter and keep talking.


None of these three people react in the least to someone so close they would be deemed disrupting a live interview. The Chamber of Commerce chica who could see all of this, never was once distracted as even the reporter turned to look at whoever this was with a gun.

Notice in the following quote that even the New York Times is spinning this:

Shortly afterward, Mr. Flanagan wrote on Twitter, “I filmed the shooting see Facebook,” and a shocking 56-second video recording, which appeared to be taken by a body camera worn by the gunman, was posted to his Facebook page. It showed him waiting until the journalists were on air before raising a handgun and firing at point-blank range, ensuring that it would be seen, live or recorded, by thousands.

The recording showed nothing of Flanagan waiting, but instead clumsily wandering around in plain sight, as whoever it was fired at point blank range and no one reacted, until it appears the spell was broken by a command, "When you hear the shots, scream and run".

That though is not what is of interest in this. It is the why it is being portrayed to strike chords of confusion, and why Charleston was a reenactment of Preacher Martin King's assassination by a "white man" and  the response was that innocent, virginal blonde reporter being slain like Nicole Brown Simpson by a black man, to trigger all those ingrained memories and have you reacting, instead of thinking.

There is a national programme associated with this Obama regime's tenure which has been tripping wires of "distrust" in Americans to keep them off balance to alienate them from the governmental apparatus.

It is not that this event did not happen, but how it is being sown with spikes which make absolutely no sense from professionals, unless placed there to cause the very effects which are taking place.

Someone in the shadowlands is setting a thought staged in the minds of all, that in America it is not the lone wolf, but lone wolves picking off color variations in the other.
Someone is using HW Bush protocols and Obama interventions of the 1980's, with that same clever smiley face on Obama's birther abstract to alert the public to what is taking place.

I can tell you something you all missed and I posted it above in the Times quote. They made certain to tell you this was a BODY CAM, when it was not.......because Flanagan would have towered over these shorter people........the camera angle is wrong. Flanagan was not the shooter.

Louis Farrakhan called for 10,000 black shooters to do what Flanagan is accused of. Yet Farrakahn is still at large, while White supremacists in the 1980's were thrown into prison by the FBI for just having websites where others mentioned doing hate crimes.

That is the focus of this. Someone wants this and has wanted it. They want it as a distraction to achieve what the real project is being conducted for.

There are rules in this, in only if others speak of things will I comment. I will go no further until someone else slips up or posts spin.