Saturday, August 29, 2015

Florida Power Brokers Nuke Jeb Bush


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is interesting in how a disintegrating campaign like that of Jeb Bush reveals itself to the world in the partial views it spins itself into when it has money problems.

Yes for the record, in Jeb Bush having millions of dollars paid to him by billionaire fags of the GOP establishment who enjoy the feudal Obama state, and expect Jeb to inflict more on Americans for those donations, as they are buying Jebus, is the larger reality of Jeb Bush is hemorraghing money like a cut jugular vein.

Look when you have all these pansy local Republican chairmen, they all have to be bribed. When you have fundraising operations, they all have to be paid. When you have just can not feed Ritz crackers and tap water to pompous asses. You got to get the big room rented and the good booze comes out.......and richtards love nothing more than drinking other peoples expensive booze for free. Wealthy people are the biggest welfare whores in the world. That is how they got to be rich.

This though involved 3 Florida money whores in Kris Money, Trey McCarley, and Debbie Aleksander. Their version is they quit the Bush campaign. The real story is the money supply has dried up From their sources as donors are not going to be dropping money to Bush in a wasted campaign.
That is why the 3 refugees are still employed at the Bush Super PAC........that is an operation not controlled by Bush, but by the billionaires who donate the money. See the 3 refugees are pleasing to the richtards, but Bushtard is not happy with them nor their rich donors.

That is the real story in this. There are the elite who expected Jeb Bush to be setting up the straw dogs and knocking them down for that billion dollar donation structure and Bush just whines a great deal to them and looks like a statue of the Moron from Moronville.

This is the first public rift, and it points to the bigger picture in these rich people are putting out feelers to Donald Trump, to ask if he would allow them to keep their toys in his Presidency, and Trump has told them that they can indeed keep being wealthy if they start working for Americans in benefiting them.

Focus on that point. That is what is behind the turn around of the New York Times, first being snarky to Donald Trump on the border and then cheering when Donald Trump deported Jorge Ramos the German Mexican. The tides of this are turning. There is absolutely no other option available in other candidates. The billionaires are pretending that Jeb Bush is their whore for the campaign, but they have started looking for a respectable girl they can bring home to mother in Donald Trump............and you know that Trump and his organization have been in contact with Bush donors and pointing out realities. That is why money is drying up, and why there are indications that Bush's Super Pac is becoming an inside window for the Trump campaign into all that Bush is going to unleash.

Yes Matilda, the events are moving where it will not be Jeb Bush standing on a stage having been told all the questions beforehand, but a reality where Jeb Bush is going to start having questions appear which are going to stun him.
That though is a future tense, but the reality is, Jeb Bush is leaking money and his operation requires an even larger infusion of donations, and that money is not coming. I will point something out in this, considering the HW past in money laundering, do not be surprised that "interesting" donations are someday found in the Jeb Bush coffers like with Obama's terror money. There are black ops budgets still being maintained, and if this money does not appear, then it will be proof that the Bush group has lost their sub group control of the shadowlands.

For now it is a monumental day. Florida, the squatter home state of Texas Main Bush, has dried up the money flow. They have circled the wagons around their GOP clique of local politicians and have declared Jeb the loser of 2016.

So that point comes across, Florida power brokers just abandoned the Jeb Bush campaign and have thrown him over for someone else in 2016.

Jeb Bush has one shield and that is the big money. That shield just got a big crack in it and it will never fix. He can not steal the GOP nomination without billionaire money, and their leverage over delegates and party chairs.
Jeb Bush just lost the 3rd largest state in America. Donald Trump is out polling Ted Cruz in Texas. Jeb Bush does not have a delegate base any longer. The end has started. Do not celebrate though, just keep pouring on the effort to make this Bushboy campaign give up the ghost.