Saturday, August 29, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If Jeb Bush had not been such a political assassin to Donald Trump and such a complete ass to Americans, I would have a bit of sympathy for him considering the cast who showed up at his rally today.

I mean there are laws against allowing lunatics loose in public and using mentally impaired people.

Here are some of the Jebcavers of today.

There was this Abraham Lincoln loon who carries bouquets of flowers like a Tiny Tim throwback to the 1960's hippies.

Then this poor woman, who does not look like she enjoys being kidnapped from the geezer home.


Then there is the guy with the red tie pointing at this penis


Then their is the guy with is hands by his penis


Then there is the hot gal who looks pissed she is stuck in back and wondering if she is going to be stiffed in being paid to be there.


As I said, if Jeb Bush was not such a prick, I would feel sorry for him..........I now just feel sorry for the Jebcavers in who they are stuck pictured with.

The original degenerate, Jeb Bush.