Thursday, August 6, 2015

Getting Nailed


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is the shits that no good deed goes unpunished, and I state that in not promoting the curse, but how much satan afflicted it is.

Oh by the way Not Cecil died last night as a preemie at midnight.

I got this in the mail today from the Viking:

Got nailed yesterday at work, for shipping last week, 7/28, the gift of a $2000 computer from my colleague, an old Russian, probably Ukranian, engineer, to his friend there, after the guy had gotten the ok from, the controller, my other old friend, to pay for this shipment to KIEV, which as the Edomite in charge of intl shipping records informed me, and none of this troika of old friends realized, was a forbidden location to ship to, and large fines and penalties could be assessed, and still may be, as today passed without any fuehrer discussion of the subject. If that is the case, why does fucking Fedex accept any shipments to that location??????!!!!!!!!!!

I did not mention that my old nemesis the postal prick is dead finally. For those who do not know the story, Sneeze Boy, that is the name I bestowed on this prick, was not delivering mail.......and mixing up mail to everyone. So I complained, and he bitched at me, and was told by his Supervisor to NEVER do that gain in phoning us up.
To this he got out and measured the distance from the mailbox to the road in trying to nail me on that in retaliation.
He is dead now, and thank God for it. I hope he is in hell and will be ashes or there forever.

Sneeze Boy decided to offend allot of people. One was a friend of ours named Ham. Ham had mailed a letter for his wife, by putting it into the neighbor's mailbox. Sneeze Boy stopped him, and tried to collect the price of the stamp. Ham told him, "Listen, this is something that just you and I know about, so that is where it ends. I am not paying for a stamp."
Ham didn't pay for the stamp, but that is the problem in his world with all these damned regulations.

When I was trying to import some tubers from Canada two years ago, I contacted USDA. The dumb fuck there emailed me three times in never answering my questions over 5 months. I finally told the Canuck, "Look we used to just mail the stuff from there with the paperwork and we didn't need any USDA paperwork on this end."
The Canadian did it for me, and they came without problems.
Oh by the way, I am still waiting for the paperwork from USDA and it is going on 2 years.

I like the world my Grampa and Beloved Uncle taught me you just act like an ignorant son of a bitch and when caught just act even more stupid. It usually works out........but then Good Will in the metro would not accept a couch we were trying to get rid of.......told us to go dump it off on the Mexican thrift I tried that and got screamed at by some old KGB bastard that I hope dies too........and yes he accepted the couch, but all the same......little pricks become big fuck heads with no power.

The world needs more lost paperwork. You just ignore shit and most shit goes away. Sure you can not ignore the IRS, a court summons or the FBI, but in most cases if you just ignore things and pretend you are dense as a Mexican, the people on the other end who do not give a rat's ass about any of  this, and just want to go home and get drunk watch big screen tv so they do not go postal at some regime agency which is driving them nuts.

It reminds me of the story I still laugh about, in a guy was at Walmart, and the checker could not get the purchase to ring up, and in frustration she just said, "Just take it. I don't give a fuck about this place, so just take it. I don't care if I get fired."

It is like when my dad died. He had numerous vehicle titles which were not signed. The Register looked at the, looked at Mom and then said to me, "Just sign them."
Another gal came over and looked at things, and just walked away in not saying a word.
It is the same with Satanlink which was in the old man's name for 30 years after he was tits up. They would have raised hell about it, as the public utilities were telling me that they would shut things down as  they could only deal with the dead guy. Satanlink after that kept asking me about if I was the old man, and of course I was, as I was making things easy, instead of being honest.

I hope one of the things that Donald Trump does as President is just stopping all these Obama mandates. All this shit just fucks with people's lives and makes them more upset and it means nothing. I mean no one gives a fuck if something is being shipped to Ukrainoslavia. Hell there is more white flesh and white opium going through the mail than things legit. People just need to act fucking stupid. Just say things like, "Oh hell, that was Ukraine????? I thought it was Oklahoma. Guess was a mistype and nothing I can do about it..........ain't Ukraine just south of New Jersey or is that Ukonneticut?"

Well another kitten popped out of that Kitty. She must have some womb problems. Slings cats like diners sling hash. TL is picking blow fly eggs off of it, and it has been fed. Says they do not need colustrum, but as I tell TL, "Just do not be upset about things. Do the best you can do, and put it in God's hands."

Life in America is the Soviet KGB system now. It is people being criminalized and having to learn to act stupid all the time......for most that is a stretch, but people have to learn to stop being honest to the Caesar when it gets them into trouble. Acting stupid is the best remedy as the regime expects you to be stupid.

I think now how good things were under George W. Bush, and stupid Americans never realized it. Gas at 1.87 a gallon. Like 20 million people not working by choice. 40 million less Mexicans. Less women raped and murdered by border busters, and Obama was just getting his dick sucked by white boys, instead of terrorizing the world.

I bet that Hillary Clinton would have done all Obama did, for 1/3rd the rapine. Is a shitty world when you look back and realize how great George W. Bush was and how good Hillary Clinton would have been.

I wonder if there is something in the law, that if your dick smells of Mexican, that makes you technically a Mexican and we can deport Jeb with the Corumba to Mexico where she can anchor him there.

Maybe that should be a new Donald Trump slogan in, "Elect me, I will deport Jeb and the Mexican, and install Jorge as el presidente of Mexico. I like that Jeb in the White House, but put his kid Jorge el Busto into the Imperial Palace in Mexico City. Look it is allot better deal muchachos in Obama only shit and sucked dick in America in having no American blood in least Jorge is half beaner and would fit right in with them other Spaniards.

Guess that is it. Stinks here today........humid, smells like the arm pit of some metropolitan area where people shower too much, but still have  that musk about them.

Yeah this is great in I have so much chit to do yet, and only solace I have is God is drying up them rich men's crops like he did for Martin Luther back in Germany.

I will repeat, I really like the search engine, DUCK DUCK GO. Is all I use now. It is in association with Vladimir Putin's Yanex or whatever free email. Both work very well.  As in, click on the link, hit BOOKMARKS, then BOOKMARK THIS PAGE, then click BOOKMARKS TOOBAR, and it puts it right up there on the toolbar for you to click.
My line up is Drudge, Facebook, Blogger, Duck Duck, Mail, Lucianne, LC, Save from the Net and Translate....other things too in the side menu, but stop using Google and Gayhoo. There are things out there which are not persecuting you.
You did notice you are making headway in Coke and Ford gave up Planned Parenthood...yeah it was about that fag thing too, but stop buying that chit and cripple these companies as there is not enough Obama looted money from the Treasury to pay them all off.

OK, time to put another American Jezebel at the top of the page, bending over for the regime, starring today in Fed XXX, the shipper with the special delivery in back.........we fine Americans, but we get little Slavic girls to Israel overnight, along with your Obama opium which positively, absolutely has to be there.

Got to go.....have to check on a dead chicken or one auditioning.