Thursday, August 6, 2015

Trump: Beware the Ides of Coulter


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The cartel minder on the right, Ann Coulter has been popping up again and trying to attach herself to the Donald Trump express to the White House.
Coulter is an insider and it requires reminding all of you my children and brats, that she is the one who was in bed with Al Sharpton and Geraldo Rivera. Ann Coulter is the one who trashed the Birthers, which included Donald Trump and Joseph Farah's calls for getting to the facts about this illegitimate fraud of foreign birth.

So why would someone who hates Americans as much as Ann Coulter does, suddenly be so positive and having wet dreams about Mr. Trump?

The answers are simple. Donald Trump knows all of the gossip. Coulter knew if she attacked Donald Trump, he would have outed Coulter for the radical militant lezbo she is, and remind everyone how she trashed Americans, voted for Obama, and is one of the key FOX reasons, with Mark Levin, that the image of Obama is still terrorizing Americans.

The second part is more devious, as this educated lawyer for the cartel, sent in to mind all of you trusting souls on the right, is a mole, just like the moles were sent into Hutatree or the Tea Party.
To show this, out of the lezbo fantasy land, Ann Coulter was having a wet dream in an interview, where she suddenly espoused that she wanted to be Director of Homeland Security, and then she threw in the clever Koch Brothers Nazi KGB mantras, like Rush Limbaugh does about those poor people  having the audacity to be "eating food" in this macabre and draconian elitism they produce to tarnish and taint the name of Ronald Reagan.

Lezbo Coulter, who as you will need reminding was a force in that Log Cabin Republicans anal shit movement, which attempted to overthrow CPAC a few years ago. That is what this creature is and she is moving in on Donald Trump, and sowing things in the minds of the public which DONALD TRUMP NEVER SAID.

Read the Coulter quote:

We’re assimilating you, you’re here and you’re going to be an American. There will be no celebration of Cinco de Mayo, there will be no Ramadan, in fact there won’t even be a Feast of the Immaculate Conception — we are an Anglo-Protestant country, and you will learn about the Battle of Valley Forge.”

As you missed it, Ann Coulter just said AMNESTY for all the illegals. Donald Trump never uttered that word in the least, but this twister just placed this in the minds of the right again.

For the record, Ann Coulter is no more qualified for Homeland Security than any of the trash that Obama or the image have put in that position, or for that matter that dolt Tom Ridge of the Bush43 Administration.

What Homeland needs is not a KGB minder sending Mexicans off to Baptist Boot Camp, but requires someone of the caliber of James Woolsey or Allan West. That directorship is a meld of law enforcement and intelligence. It will require someone to reign in the NSA, BATFE, US MARSHALLS and to send the CIA on missions not installing dope lords for Obama or murdering hundreds of thousands of Syrians by training ISIS. Not, trying to turn a raping mob of Catholic invaders into Christian American Whites.

That is the danger in this, across the board for Donald Trump. As his power base grows, these damned lezbo political minders are showing up, tarring Mr. Trump with policies he never advocated in the least while putting an even bigger MO in Homoland Security.

Ann Coulter is as big of threat to Donald Trump as that Mexican dope lord Joaquin which Homoland let out of prison to intimidate Mr. Trump. One is physical assassination and Ann Coulter brings political assassination.

If you want to know what the real Ann Coulter is, just click on her reversed speech analysis. Ann Coulter thinks in "nigger". By this I mean, this blog uses those Afroid terms to expand the free speech field so all of you can play on it correctly. Ann Coulter instead thinks in terms of Niggers in what she views people as.
Ann Coulter is a lezbo fucking Obama voting racist with a soul she sold to the intelligence services for her 30 pieces of silver.

Ann – “We need a cause, we need a 10 year moratorium, [we can assimilate the ones] already here, um, we definitely need a fence on the border…” – Now we’ll kill this nigger.

So before you allow Ann Coulter into your tent like the frauds at young cons did in joining her to Sarah Palin as "great", you just remember that the prototype of the Moscow political minders were all over Sarah Palin before she was scared off, and Ann Coulter is one of these creatures and she has her sights set on Donald Trump.
Either the cartel will murder Donald Trump, corrupt Donald Trump or destroy Donald Trump. Ann Coulter just linked amnesty to the Trump campaign and Donald Trump never once has advocated that.

Donald Trump needs to beware the Ides of Coulter. This political prostitute is something every one of you needs to be aware of, just like all of the high priced hookers who are luring you in on the right and left to get you to think they are for you, before like Peggy Noonan they stab you in the back at a most crucial moment.

Donald Trump is running to rid America of the Obama agenda. Ann Coulter is inserting herself by political rape into 2016 to progress the Obama agenda of Amnesty. I know that every one of you missed this, and that is one of the reasons I am here to keep pulling you out of the abyss as your rich asses waste money on shit, instead of donating here to make things easier so I can do a more complete job in pointing all of this out to you.

As a note to Corey Lewandowski and Donald Trump. You need a loyalist of the William Casey type to run counter ops and to do the work which is required to keep these infiltrators out of your campaign. This is a threat. It is the way the cartel has operated for centuries. Either install your puppet or infiltrate the people's choice and either corrupt or destroy that candidate. Either you get an image Obama or a dead John Kennedy.

Nuff said.