Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Goat Shit

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have goats which is not a secret and goats produce goat shit. Goats are interesting animals in they somehow have an ability like no other animal to turn their shit into sort of like a brick as big as their pen. It can not be pitched, it either rots down, your you wait for some big ass donation so you can get a skid steer loader.......and I am talking about the multi millionaires donating and not the good people, as skid steers are expensive.

So anyway, I have used goat shit as cover for potatoes, and it did not work well in my depleted type clay. It was like horse crap in it is allot of shit, but not much value in it.

The best shit is pig shit, followed by cattle. Pit shit grows wonderful gardens across the board as does cattle manure, but as stated I have goat shit........a pile of it as a neighbor cleaned out the pens last year for Mom.

I decided to put that shit on the clay garden, as the clay needs something to not turn it into concrete. So away I went piling shit on and disking it in. This is where things got interesting in I planted various crops in it and they acted like "What the shit is this?"

Some of my corn was white and not green, as this shit was so not broken down and the little plants could not gain any nutrients. Then something happened with a bit of watering from me and more watering from God, so the plants got their tap roots down.........then it was like HOLY SHIT CORNWHEAT what on earth is going on here!!!!!!!!!

I have two kinds of corn in the garden. One is a white flour corn of the Ree Indians, which grows around 6 to 7 feet tall. The other is a Canuck sweet corn called Dorinny which is supposed to be five feet tall. I say supposed as the Ree is around 9 feet tall with this goat shit and the Canuck is over 6 feet.

This is not alone in the assessment as the vines of pumpkins I have have now spread 16 feet both in 32 feet and there is no end in sight. If I happen to have a no frost autumn, I can see these vines going 60 feet.. Given enough water, the fruits are swelling extremely fast.

I can not say that the cabbage are spectacular or other root crops. Goat shit though is like hormone therapy to corn and pumpkins.

These lessons are good lessons to know. I am amazed at the way this corn responded to this goat shit. I hope for the tilling in of more quantities of it to this horrid clay pack, to transform this garden. It is not that my other corn looks superior in other locations, but it is just I have noticed how goat poo transformed this particular 16 by 40 foot plot.

Shit matters. Every manure has qualities out of the grass eating creations which is unique. Porker poo raises great root crops. Cattle crap makes great tomatoes. I am just enjoying watching these vines go wild, as last year in the metro on the patio container I got maybe 6 feet of vine, and I am now looking 4 times that, and it will be twice that with another month of growth.
The Baby Butternuts are interesting in I can not find male blossoms, but the females are setting fruit about every two feet. They really get up and around.

To everything there is a purpose and goat shit assembles corn very well.