Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ted Cruz Funny Money

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With all of the creative contributions in the past to the Barack Obama campaign from ACORN and terrorists to the Bill and Hillary Clinton love festering of funny money, there is something which is not making a great deal of sense concerning the Ted Cruz campaign.

It is simply from the start in this, that the records show that Ted Cruz had two donors. Both were billionaires from Texas, and one gave something like 10 million dollars and the other gave 5 million dollars, which pretty much soaked up the Texas money in the way Scott Walker soaked up the billionaires from the north.

Yes Ted Cruz is bought by Texas big money.

It that is acceptable to you, then the following will not change your mind either probably.

After the FOX debacle, something interesting happened with the Ted Cruz donations. He alone out of all the candidates apparently, had over 250,000 new donors.
This is not to state that Ted Cruz did not do well in the debate, but he disappeared in the last half as FOX ignored him. There were three who did better in Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson.

Ted Cruz did raise from nowhere land as did Carly Fiorina, but it was Dr. Ben Carson who spiked in moving to the number two slot. As the situation evened out, the reality is the polling was Trump, Carson, Walker and somewhere in the fraud numbers Jeb Bush, and then Cruz and the rest.
I make this point and it requires being made, as the other candidates who did much better did not spike with over 250,000 in new donors who brought in an avalanche of millions in new revenue.

The Cruz campaign attempted to explain all of this with a "the new donors averaged 62 dollars each" for this massive new fortune, which has now been reported that the top donations received have been Jeb Bush in that pile of cash, and Ted Cruz.

I can state for certain when the Cruz campaign tried to play clever with the deflecting explanation that the donors averaged 62 dollars, is because there were one to two massive billionaire donors again, and I say PERHAPS, there may have been over 250,000 other donors.

The Cruz campaign has already attempted a deception on this money in dilluting it out to an average. What they did was receive millions of dollars again in a money dump, and then published that this mob donated money too, which appears more to the point this 250,000 was only donating 1 to 5 dollars, if they donated that, and I now question all of this, when someone attempts to deceive the public in an accounting trick.

Fully recall that ACORN fiasco of dead people donated to the Obama campaign in 2008, when 1/3rd of it was terror money from the Mideast which has been proven. This kind of funding has made the Obama regime in paybacks murder hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Christians from Syria to Libya. The question is, who in the hell is now buying a chunk out of Ted Cruz?

It is a fact that Ted Cruz answers to a few Texas billionaires. It is a fact that Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi, worked for the Rockefeller elitists, in having written the white paper for the elimination of America, and it being incorporated into Canada and Mexico. That Council on Foreign Relations reality can not be denied and is a reality, a reality that Ted Cruz did not have his wife remove herself from the CRF, until he got himself elected and moved to Washington and started spouting about Tea Party ideals. Then Heidi disappeared from the CFR.

Ted Cruz in those donations wants desperately to appear a populist in people donating to him. The problem is the reality that three other candidates did not have a 62 dollar average surge in Donald Trump, Dr. Carson and Carly Fiorina. That sets off the red lights, as of all the donors who appeared after the debate, we are supposed to believe that they all donated only to Ted Cruz and that they all happened to average 62 dollars........not 65......not 57, but yes 62 dollars.

On the surface of this, Ted Cruz has deceived the public in trying to hide he has only billionaires propping him up. As this peals back, it begins to become troubling in everyone donating a bizarre figure of 62 dollars. So we are to believe in cash strapped America, that a mass of donors gave their widow's mites to Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz alone?

All of this looks highly dishonest and in need of FEC investigation, as it has the appearance that a "cover list" was created in order to cover up the fact that billionaires were buying more of Ted Cruz, so he could inherit Donald Trump's voters, if this cartel harmed Mr. Trump.
If these donors for Cruz are frauds or like for Obama, did not donate, then we have criminal felonies involved like John Edwards in moving funds around for his zipper problems which fathered a child.

Here are Cruz's records:

Robert Mercer. (31 million dollars over the years)The hedge fund magnate has battled with the federal government, which claims his firm, Renaissance, avoided paying several billion in taxes through artful tax strategies. So Mercer's interests seem to align with Cruz's animosity toward the IRS. Mercer's money will reportedly be split among 4 super PACs, with each presumably taking a different role in the way they advocate for Cruz.

Club for Growth: Amount donated to Cruze since 2011: $706,000.

Senate Conservatives Fund: $316,000.

Woodforest National Bank (community bank based in Houston): $112,000.

Goldman Sachs: $69,000.

Morgan Lewis LLP (Philadelphia-based law firm with significant energy-sector practice): $68,000.

One guy gave $10 million.
That's it.
Although the super-PAC raised more money than the actual campaigns of 14 of the 20 declared major candidates, there were no other donors.
The guy's name is Toby Neugebauer. He is the billionaire founder of a private-equity firm, and his father is Congressman Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas).

It requires a fortune now to run for President. I have no problem with billionaires ruining the system as it did with Mormon and Ashkenaz money for years, but what I have a problem with is, when the Cruz campaign is trying to portray itself as something it is not. The numbers do not add up, as if Cruz had 250,000 new donors, then Ben Carson should have had 500,000 new donors and Fiorina, at least 300,000 according to their rise in the polls.
Donald Trump should have had 1.5 million new donors on those Cruz numbers, and none of it pans out, as the numbers do not add up.

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin broke the news about the PACs on Wednesday, and he notes that “there are no known cases in which an operation backing a White House hopeful has collected this much money in less than a week.” 
 Since he surprise victory in 2012, Cruz has been a robust grassroots fundraiser, particularly online, but his team has long known that if he is going to be a competitive candidate in 2016, he is going to have to raise the sort of serious, eye-popping money that establishment candidates like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are already hauling in. The formation of the various PACs has been in the works for months, and their public announcement on the day after Rand Paul launched his presidential campaign is no accident.

No one in the history of fund raising, Ronald Reagan legitimate fundraising and the Clinton Obama massive donations, and no one in history raised this much money in one day, except Ted Cruz.

Remember Mark Halperin, is the guy who collects all the dirt on presidential candidates, as he did Obama but did not publish them until after Obama was installed. Halperin is also the guy who almost gave Charlie Rose a heart attack in stating that Halperin knew Obama did not give a damn about GOP states, and was enjoying watching them be destroyed in Obama's Gulf Gusher oil.

Halperin focusing on this is a red light warning. There is something in this shady, and it is a fact that Ted Cruz came out of nowhere. Has an Obama type background and now this massive money dump, as his wife works for the obliteration of America, so these billionaire corporatists can exploit Canadian resources, Mexican slave labor and American finance........while screwing all of you over.

That is the reality. Something is not right with the Ted Cruz campaign. It is not what it pretends to be or voices it is. The donors do not match the funding. This will not change the Cruzlings in voting for him, but I do hope it at least makes them wonder what kind of guy they are voting for, as Cruz is not a populist, but his connections are the CFR and he came out of nowhere as another foreign born candidate raising ungodly amounts of cash setting records that beat crooks Obama and Clinton.

Trust but verify is what Ronald Reagan said. Cruz's verification does not add up, and the Cruz voters deserve a complete explanation form this Harvard lawyer and champion debater, as to just what in the hell he is promising these billionaires to get all this money, and his grassroots donor lists need to be examined as they do not add up to the other candidates.