Monday, August 24, 2015

Jeb Bush Occidental Phobic


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We now know that Jeb Bush has blurted out he is racist, in he is phobic about Asians in America, as his hatred for them is centered in his "anchor baby" comments about illegals.

In a report, it  was found that Asians number 28% of all illegal anchor children born, well behind the deluge of Latin anchor babies pouring in from Mexico and all regions south of Texas.

Today, the Asian born are the country's second-largest immigrant population by world region of birth, behind those from Latin America.

The problem in this appears though that the Asians are LEGAL immigrants while the Latinos are illegal invaders.

Most of these Asians are located in California, they work in their own businesses and have children who are academically successful in school.
Compared to the reality that most Latins are on welfare, and have children spreading disease all through America and are not producing the next Einsteins.

There is far too much of this "bash the Asian" as they rarely raise hell about it. This disgusting display of Jeb Bush targeting Asians, who are of a different class than Latins in being legal and even illegal, are working and not on welfare is something which Jeb Bush must be called upon to apologize over.

Kayne West blurted out a lie that George W. Bush hated black people. The fact is Jeb Bush blurted out a fact that Jeb Bush hates Asian people.

Jeb Bush belongs not in the US Presidency but instead some el presidente of a banana republic called Phobiosa where he can hate Asians, Americans, invalids like Terri Schiavo and Donald Trump as he clanks around in his little generalissimo costume filled with medals and pulls out his pistol and shoots these less than Latin humans for eating the Mexican share of the Bush Chamber of Commerce slave trade.

Donald Trump was spot on again in Latin anchor babies. When the hell is this Obama press for Jeb  Bush going to make the Bush racism a focal point of the "master race" that Jeb Bush subscribes to?


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