Monday, August 24, 2015

The Real Danger of the - 588 Stock Market


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Well my children and my brats what does the - 588 DOW mean?

Come on my brats, you who know all and never know right?

Captain Kirk wrote something to me the other day which sort of puzzled me as I natter on allot about things and am good at it. So good I used to get double check marks on my report card from teacher for talking in class. I think I set a record which still stands....was a vast improvement when I just got one check mark.

No, the parents did not care and I was amazed by setting a new level in the education industry.

Anyway what does  NEGATIVE 588 tell you?

Oh the Captain said things I write are obvious once I point them out. What puzzled me is I did not consider what I was writing....just take dictation here from God and I sometimes do not pay attention.

Anyway, I have been giving you the opportunity now in a 3rd question on the  NEG 588 in what it tells you.

OK here is what it says.

You will note  that the DOW dropped 1000 points at market opening........what does that tell you?

I won't ask 3 times and will just explain it. Even numbers tell you that there was a set limit to absorb, before the massive Geithner controls were unleashed to buy back stocks to keep the market from plunging 5000 points today.

Notice I said 5000 point plunge TODAY. This is not a market correction, but a market meltdown designed to hide those 7.3 trillion which was looted from America.

Now the - 588. That should be easy, but you better read this so you get it right, as most will get this wrong.

Throughout this OBAMA MONDAY, there were massive sell offs and massive automatic buy backs. When the - 588 was reached at close, it meant that this market is out of control. Control is nice even numbers like 1000, 500, 100. When you see a high number of NEGATIVE 588, it means that Goldman Sachs and Geithner could not stabilize the market no matter how many trillions they were buying.

Americans and the world lost something like 1.8 billion in their investments.......and to think if some rich folks would have just donated that 350,000 it would have gone so much better for them today....but that is another merry tale.
That is just the start of this, as we now know that the market is out of control. It is not just the Peking girls watching their entire E flation disappearing, but this is going to over the next year watch all of your rich people's investments and retirements disappear.
Do not trust your 401 K's there either kiddos.....another story.

That is what was to watch in this. Now you know the secret of today, and what the scramble is on for tomorrow, as the panic is beginning. When you have socialists in England telling people to buy canned goods and water, in trash talking the market, it means we are on the cusp of this.........when you heard Donald Trump nuking these debt traders yesterday.......they all know what John McCain and Elizabeth Warren did a month ago when I pointed it out in their banking bill to save you. This was planned and everyone knew it.

Now who looks like the person you want to save you, Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren, or Jeb Bush and Joe Biden........and yeah ole Mitt Romney is looking to joust with Donald which is going to fail too, as Donald Trump is the star rising due to all of this as the Lame Cherry predicted.

So we learned that the "Fed" tried to push the market upward in the last fifteen minutes, and it imploded in free fall to NEGATIVE 588.

What does that inform you of?

It teaches that the market would have kept dropping in the thousands if the bell had not sounded.

Timothy Geithner and image Obama can keep creating e money dumps, but as you can see, their money dumps are not able to achieve ZERO POINT, or the DOW breaking even. All they could do in their best efforts is - 588. That is a market in terror and conglomerates and corporations are going to be assessing their cash supplies for buying stock to stabilize their part of the pie, compared to wasting that cash on stocks dropping through the floor.
I will not repeat that to see if you caught it, because the corporations have already assessed they are going to keep their cash and let their stocks plunge, screwing investors over.

This is not going to stop. Commodities are dragging along in this downward, as everything else will too. Big Farm has a crop coming in and what the drought did not take, OBAMA DAYS are going to rob from them in all their high debt those idiots incurred.

See I warned you that your gold is not going to save you either, just as God predicted. Medals are tanking too. This artificial Obama bubble inflated everything and now the prices are all going to drop in this epic plunge which is in time going to take us to Ronald Reagan Stock Market levels, and then even lower if the matrix still is holding true on this, which was posted here years ago in warning the rich........who never donate.
Now you are donating to satan, and God is not there for you as you  told Him to piss off.

That is the real danger of - 588. The markets are out of control. The forces to stop it, are not going to stabilize their own stocks screwing investors over, and now the great enslavement process starts.

To the swimming pool builders and jet setters.............I suppose you can use that cement pond for a big toilet and remember the days you sent little missy around the world as people starved.

Reckoning has just started.