Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jeb Bush popular in the last place on Earth

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not going to invest a great deal of time in the dissecting of the Google search trends, other than to note some interesting facts beyond the Donald Trump map dominates in a sea of Red in both Red and Blue states and areas.

Scott Walker is of course dominant in Wisconsin. Ted Cruz is viable in high poplation centers of Texas and Indian Reservations in South Dakota. Ben Carson is popular in middle of nowhere places, with 'Others' having a strong showing where about 100 people live.

What was of most noteworthy is Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush is popular searched out by hermits. If you look at the exact counties where Jebus is being searched for, they are so remote they look like moonscape in the Oklahoma panhandle. If you have ever seen that country, you would swear it was another planet as it only has habitat for turkeys and coyotes.
Mind you I love country like that, as there are no people, but if you are running for President, you had better be sort of popular like Ted Cruz in Dallas, and not one West Texas brush popper county where 10 drops of rain a year outnumber the 3 voters.

So this is the way it boils down:

Ben Carson is popular in the middle of nowhere.

Ted Cruz is popular somewhere.

'Others' are popular where Minnesota democrats live in the Arrowhead.

Donald Trump is popular everywhere.


.......and Jeb Bush is popular where you can see the last place on earth.

Nuff said.