Thursday, August 6, 2015

I will not support........unless it is me

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK, so the outsider Carly Fiorina is an insider maul for Rinse Priebus. Fiorina unleashed on Donald Trump and left Jebus Bush with the aura of her acclimation that the GOP needs someone who is stable or some other bullshit.
To the trash talk of Fiorina, Priebus issued an "can't we all just get along to elect Jeb in being nice".

Only white guy in the first debate was Bobby Jindahl who smacked down Jeb Bush. I like Jindahl a great deal as he is American.

Next we had more stage theater in par dux.

The script was dusted off from 2008 and 2012, which is basically this:

Make the claim that Ron Paul is a great guy, and then have this tool, unleash to destroy every Conservative in running interference for McCain and Romney. Viola, the Magic Paul appeared again, this time in Rand Paul, once again this time for Jeb Bush taking swipes at Donald Trump, to which Mr. Trump responded, and then Jebpanzee Bush looked fag sissy in being above it was the plan.

To this Rinse Priebus issued his premeditated statement, "Can't we all just be nice and trash talk democrats instead".

Very fag bright in all of this really. Send out the woman to knife Donald Trump in the back and not a word about Jeb Bush. Then send out Rand Paul to do the dirty work his old man did against Conservatives so these Rovians would all be set up to lose to fraud Obama.

....and there is Jeb Bush stuttering about Caliphate Indiana as he looks "presidential" Scott Walker gets to follow Jebpanzee, looking like Mr. Chimp to bore people and once again making Jeb Bush look "presidential".

So the review is, if the Murdoch smear of Donald Trump on FOX was to keep trying to tell the world that Mr. Trump was a liberal. I am surprised the blonde hootchie who was "moderating" did not start a hurricane when she was batting her eyelashes and blow everyone off the stage.

I am just more incensed that Tavistock and Stanford Mockingbird protocols were so on display in this stage theater.

PS: Rand Paul looked light weight, fag light weight.

Donald Trump was ganged up on and he kicked every person's ass, including the frauds for Obama on FOX. Donald Trump had to prove he would not be lost in the crowd or look weak. Donald Trump proved that.

.........oh and in case you missed it, the Bush Murdoch people packed the audience, and that is why Jebpanzee Bush sounded like he was in a sports stadium being cheered every time he spoke.

Final assessment..........

Carly Fiorina makes Hillary Clinton look lezbo young.

What the hell is wrong with Chris Wallace's head? Looks like his skull caved on the right side........and Donald Trump kicked his ass royal.

On the gay scale, Ben Carson did well, as did Huckabee. Lost in the bend over was Chris Christy,  Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, especially Jeb Bush.
Donald Trump did what he had to do......and Rand Paul looked like a creepy old fag who did too much dope.

Lastly, I have concluded this. I hate these politicians. I do not want another politician.