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As another matter anti matter exclusive in Lame Cherry world.

The Viking was asking about the eating of beef. Hotmail was not loading things even on high speed internet.......probably because someone went to an undisclosed location and downloaded German software that still had problems loading on high speed net........short version is I got anti virus again and someone did not want me running that program on here.

I could just say about jerky or biltong that Gaytube has boobers doing it better than me. I even found last winter this priest up in Alaska making smoked salmon in a perfect recipe.....this is about jerky though.

There are rules in jerky in only using the best steak which cost a bunch, or else you wear your jaws out chewing flat iron flank meat which is best ground.

You can also make jerky out of very lean hamburger.....salt and things, but you got to remember that ground meat has all that area exposed to bacteria which can cause problems.

So this is the deal, you slice tender meat thin. The reason one smokes is that it cures it literally. Meat will glaze over in the hot sun in 15 minutes so blow flies will leave it without what Indian Summer was for on the plains.

Enough history.

It really does not make that big of difference if you cook the meat smoked or smoke it cured, as in dehydrating it, as it is jerky. In Africa, biltong like jerky is hung up and a fire smokes to keep the flies away, and eventually preserves it after a few days.
I had a Sportsmans Guide smoker I got when I could afford things once..........gas and it heats up hot.......there are electric smokers too so you do not get the carbon fuel taste.

Anyway the deal is, you can use a garbage can and a hot plate........just wood chips and let the thing dehydrate to get the water out, as water is what spoils things.

Just get some draft to dry things out like your clothes and away you go.

Yes you need racks, need a metal spatula or something to turn them until they dry, so they do not dry to the won't like aluminum foil either in gnawing on that., hickory, oak.....never evergreens as they have pine tar in them. Hardwoods in pinch.......some use corn cobs but lord you will think you are sucking on the smoking end of a cigar. Leave that for smoked carp.......poplar for fish.
Alder the priest said.

Smoking & Canning Wild Alaskan Salmon

The Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon is ready to store on your shelf for when that cold weather sets in and you are relaxing by the wood stove.

I have used leaves, to increase smoke.......tar again, but it does give a heavy smoke flavor on things which is something I do like......and do not have a cat if ash is on the meat......soot no, no on the soot. Said it twice so that should suffice.

My brother did some deer hams......he liked them, but I .........I would prefer stew or jerky in that.

Some DNR jokers might if you ask for a road kill give you one with a tag. Each state is different, and butchering deer is butchering and guts and blood. Is cheap tenderloins though, and I love canned meat..........just bite size pieces put into a pressure cooker....salt and pepper........sometimes mustard seed, rosemary, bay if you like.

For seasoning jerky, I am fine with just pepper and salt as I like meat.

I will put these two links up again as I use them often.

Search Engine Duck Duck Go.......non tracking and Putin associated.

MPEG RIPPER, Saved from the where I get my Gaytube videos to keep on a flash drive file for future reference. Everyone should have a video library. I like the good ones and at the library I can rip all I want to.

Whole meat it is hard to kill yourself with, as bacteria can not get inside it. Just keep it clean, and I see nothing wrong with smoking at around 200 degrees to be safe. Just watch things so they do not turn into charcoal and not like it is going to burn up at that temperature......just mumify and that is what you want.

Think that is about it.

Now it has me thinking about some nice bushman biltong of elephant..........think Teddy Roosevelt said lion was good, I know he ate puma............I bet old Cecil would have been crapper in all that old testicle meat spicing things up and  making it chew longer than a cigarette should.
Sorry was hearing an old Winston jingle when cig companies were funding good television.