Thursday, August 27, 2015

Statistical Proof of the American Genocide of Germans from 1945 to 1950 AD


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Someone decided to question the numbers behind the American Holocaust of Germans, so the Lame Cherry is more than accepting of the gauntlet.

Here are the literal numbers:

Before the war, there were, 79.1 million Germans in Germany.

During the war, over 3.5 million Germans were slaughtered in combat. 3.5 million more German civilians were targeted and slaughtered by America and her allies.

It is a fact that 224,000 German POW's expired in American and allied prison camps from 1940 to 1945. I repeat, a quarter of a million Germans perished in American custody.

After the war, 9 MILLION GERMANS WERE EXPELLED FROM OTHER COUNTRIES, meaning all their lands, their properties and their businesses were confiscated and annexed by other Europeans. All with American consent.
These Diaspora Germans were forced to settle in concentration camp West Germany without any compensation.
Other areas in Europe simply genocided their Germans as Stalin did to Russian Germans during World War II who had not migrated to America in the 1880's in that mass exodus from the Czar.

Official records state that Germany in 1950 had a population of 50 million Germans. In 1940, Germany officially had over 79 million Germans. 7 million died in combat or Civilians murdered by allies, which is 72 million alive.
Official records place the deportees at 9 million, meaning that Germany had only 41 million survivors in the 1945 to 1950 period, meaning that somewhere in the statistics 31 million Germans vanished.

For those then questioning that 9 to 14 million Germans were deliberately GENOCIDED BY AMERICANS ROOSEVELT, TRUMAN and EISENHOWER, have 31 million Germans to deal with who perished.
That 31 million figure COULD BE marginalized as populations still have natural attrition in sickness, old age and accidents, but Germany under allied control had a massive death count where it "lost" HALF OF GERMANY'S POPULATION.

For those who question the Lame Cherry and facts, I would suggest not as it pisses me off, and it exposes them as utter fools. If you can not tell, I do not like it, as I put my life on the line, work my ass off for these crumbs I am "donated" to and what happens far too often is people with bias and prejudice not wanting to face the facts.

Those are the absolute facts of my article and the statistics behind the other articles cited.