Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lame Cherry Torture School

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was pondering about opening my very own torture school. It would be a university of higher learning of course, but I doubt I would have it accredited, at least in the parts of the world where those Nazi transplants have taken all the joy out of torture by making it all technological.

MKULTRA actually ruined torture. All that mind stuff and chemicals altering people's minds. Where is the fun in altering people's reality and detaching the body from the brain? Literally, that is not a rhetorical question, but a literal question in what good is any of this in fracturing the mind the easy way. It takes away all those chemicals the body produces in trying to deal with pain and stress. You just can not have good  torture if things are separated out.

Like that waterboarding. Nothing new in that as the Dutch were putting baskets on boer's heads and filling them with water. Ghastly thing really as the target drinks all that liquid in trying not to drown and his poor head swells up to twice the size. It is just not enticing to interrogate ugly people disfigured by the water.
Mind you now, a good busted up face is as attractive as tenderized flat iron steak, but that is completely different as reds, purples and blacks make a nice rainbow, while puffy white just looks like Al Gore, and no one wants to have a chat with Al Gore.

I dislike waterboarding as water is a barrier, the target can hide in. I mean they do not have to listen to me talk about interesting things, and they are so scared they disconnect from the entire process, and start giving you bad information........hell they might even pass out. Nothing worse than having someone hiding in passing out as they can not hear me talk and they get a break from all the festivities featuring them.

I mean you can always make people watch Star Trek reruns or that gay militant terrorist George Takei to make them insane, as few things are worse than Next Generation, Deep Space and all those horrid movies. There just is no fun in that though as warped minds like Obama thought Spock was a cool nerd, when that was not the message at all.

I am not much for rubber hoses to the bottoms of feet, rats in a basket tied to your head to eat it off like the Vietnamese do, or electricity as the Latino Nazi's enjoyed employing. Not much talking going on when rats eat your lips off, and it is plain work to rubber whip the souls of the feet and I dislike sweating, as much as electricity is sort of the narcotic of humanity in nerves just get over stimulated and quit giving the full effect.

Sure you can drill into teeth and drive metal picks into the nerves, but that is so Lawrence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman in once you kill the nerve it just is not feeling.......like the creatures at Planned Parenthood.

No, the Lame Cherry school of torture would go beyond boiling in oil, Saddam Hussein meat grinders, German sensory deprivation, English racks and Vatican burning at the stake. You just can not torture people if you are going to be timid about it.
Is the worst of all of this, that methods of torture reveal the the forensic psychology of the people. It is like keep hulling.......who the hell has a ship, unless you got state sponsored terrorizing captives. Some things are just outlandish, when it is just good old fear which is what torture is.

 I mean look at the Muslim terrorists. There are so many now for 1600 Penn Avenue to manage, that they need different groups. Some of them are busy raping little girls, and some are into producing fake beheading videos. Are so many Muslim terrorists now that torture has just lost it's effect like terrorism.

The thing is about Lame Cherry torture is that I really can not write about them, as they would scare you and you would think, "How does she know about all these torture things which are going to terrify me in my dreams now that I know them?" I can not fill in how I know things, but I really am Inspired most of the time, and it is not just limited to baking bread.
The thing about torture is in this school flier explanation to pick my torture school over all the other torture schools is torture only is good when it is always stimulating, always on the edge of not taking the will to live in the target and keeping a healthy appreciation for John Glover's wonderful acting talents. Nothing is more terrifying than people coming to the reality that they may die before they get to enjoy more John Glover acting.

I have to go now as I have other things to do, not torture school things as I am not one dimensional........I am though trying to save you children form yourselves.